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A. Upload product procedure

Step 1

Go to admin panel > "Products and Categories" > "My Products" > Click "Add"



Step 2: Upload Image

You can Drag & Drop your product images or upload directly from your computer.

Maximum 12 photos for main product photos



Remarks: A successful product upload must include at least one main product photo and product name


Step 3   

You can rearrange the order of images by dragging them

Click "Edit" to edit photo if needed (refer to Product Photo Editor FAQ for more details)


Step 4: Product Information

Product name is compulsory and other information is optional

You may take reference from articles below if you're interested in knowing other product information:



Step 5: Product Categories

Select one (or more) categories

For create categories instructions, please refer to Product Category



Step 6: Quantity & Pricing

Add "Regular price" (and also sale price if applicable) for your product > Choose "Unlimited Quantity" or manual input quantity

Remarks: Cost will only be shown in admin panel. It won't be displayed on storefront



Step 7: Variations

You can enable variations by clicking the toggle button on the right > Name the variations e.g. Colour, Size or Custom



Storefront Display:



If the price and quantity are different for each variation, you can unselect "Unlimited Quantity" and "All variations have the same price", and fill in the information 


For detailed variation setup, please refer to Specification/Variation of a Product


Step 8: Search Engine Optimization

Input "Title" and "Description" to preview effect

Refer to On-page SEO to learn more about SEO



Step 9: Settings

You may set up "Preorder Product", "Tags", "Weight" and "Exclude Delivery & Payment Options" in Settings tab 

Related FAQ please refer to the followings: 


1. Product Name and Product Main images are required fields. At least 1 image has to be uploaded
2. Your shop will display in the language your customer selected. Please fill in the product information in the correct language. If you do not fill in anything in the Chinese section, your customers will only see the English description


B. Check activity log

You can click "View logs" to view product activities logs, which files product update or fulfilled by whom, date and time.EN_2.png


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