Product Purchase Limit Settings


For the special price and limited edition products, you can set up “Maximum Purchase Quantity” to let multiple different customers shop in the store and buy the product.


A. Feature 

  • The “Maximum Purchase Quantity” means that there's a limit on how many quantity that customers can buy at one time (in the same cart/order) for a selected product.
  • If the customer wants to buy more than the limitation, we allow he/she to do it in another order, and they may need to pay for the delivery fee, payment fee again as it's been handled as a different order from the previous one.
  • For products with multiple variants, the “Maximum Purchase Quantity” would be applied to the product, and the calculation includes all the variants. For example,
    • Products with variants A, B, C; Maximum Purchase Quantity=3
    • Valid: A、ABC、AAB、CCC
    • Invalid: AAAA、ABCC
  • To provide the customer a clearer way to shop in the store, you can update the purchase limitation and rules on Product Name and Product Description.


B. How to set up

Admin Panel > My Products > Edit > Settings

  • Enable “Purchase Limit Settings”
  • Input Maximum Purchase Quantity (1-99)
  • Update the page


B. Shop > Buy Products

  • When the customer inputs a quantity higher than max and clicks "Add to cart," it would show an error message to note the customer. The message would show in these pages:
    • Product Page
    • Instant add to cart pop-up
    • Shopping Cart in Checkout Flow
  • After customer adjusts to a valid quantity, he/she can place order successfully.


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