Related Product Customization


Merchants can customize "Related Products" shown below each product to increase customers' awareness, which in return, stimulate sales growth. Here's how. 


Step 1: Set Related Products Display Mode

Edit page of "My Products" > "Info" tab > "Related Products" section

  • Display none: No related product will be shown
  • Autogenerate: Show products from the same category or the newly created products
  • Custom: 4 related products can be chosen by merchant



Step 2: Search Products

Click "Custom" > A pop-up window appears for searching

You may search the products by Product Name or Product Tag


Step 3: Choose Related Products

Click "Add" after searching for the desired product > You may choose 4 related products maximum, or remove the unwanted ones > Click "Save" in the pop-up window > Click "Update" at Product Edit page 


Related Products will be shown at your storefront accordingly, like what is shown below:

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