Upload Photos For Product Variations

You can upload photo for each product variation (e.g. size and colour)

If you haven't created product variations yet, please click here to learn how to set up variations 

You can take a look at: 

1. Product variation photo display in storefront
2. Upload and set variant photos for product variations

1. Product variation photo display in storefront

The photo will automatically change when you select a variation on storefront product page


When you place an order, you will also see the variant product photo in the shopping cart, checkout page and order confirmation



2. Upload and set variant photos for product variations


Step 1

Login admin panel > "Products and Categories" > "My Products" > "Edit" button > "Variations" tab



Step 2

Click to upload variation photos



You can choose a variation photo by:

  • Selecting from the main product photos you have uploaded previously OR


  • Uploading new photos by clicking "Add Photo" button OR
  • Drag and drop the photos into the area enclosed with dashed lines



Step 3

You can upload up to 100 photos with the maximum size of 2 MB per photo. You may upload all the necessary photos for the variations in one go and select the photos for each corresponding variant. 

Click "Save" when you have completed the selection


Step 4

If you uploaded the wrong photo, hover over the top-right corner of the photo and click the "X" to delete



If you selected the wrong photo, you can:

  • Click "Reset to default image" OR
  • Directly select another photo



Step 5

Go back to the "Variation edit" page and repeat Step 2 again if more variations are yet to be set variation11.png


Step 6

Remember to click "Update" to save the variation changes



When you click "Update" button to save your variation setting, system will automatically delete the photos which are not used for the variants. Only those chosen and linked with corresponding variants will be saved in the system

Also if you do not set images for certain variants, the product page will automatically show the main product photo for those variants


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