Product Tags

Product tags help merchants search for products more easily and enable merchants to make promotion for specific product(s). Here’s how it works:

1. Set up a tag
2. Search by tags
     2.1 Search in "My Products"
     2.2 Search in "Sales & Promotion"


1. Set up a tag

Step 1 

Go to "My Product" > Click the "Edit" button of to the product you want to tag


Step 2

"Settings" page > Type in the tag(s) (e.g. summer) under "Tags" section

Press "Enter" to set up/ Click "x" on the tag to delete > Blue border indicates tag has successfully settageng1.png

Remarks: Please note that each tag must consist of at least 3 characters.


Merchants are able to tag a product with multiple tags as well 

If you want to use the existing tags, click "View all tags" to select from the tags you have already set up




Step 3

Click "Save" to finish create tags


2. Search by Tags


2.1 Search in "My Products"  

Go to the search bar in "My Products" and select "Tagged with" option in the dropdown menu > Type in the tag and click "Search". All of the products tagged with this tag will appear in the section below



2.2 Search in "Sales & Promotion"

Merchants can set discounts specifically for a group of tagged products when adding new discount. Select "Search by Product Tags" in drop down menu when selecting products eligible for promotion



For more information, please refer to this article 


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