Delivery by Weight

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Merchants can set up their delivery fee by product weight to control the costs for each order, customers can also understand the delivery costs with the actual product weight, and choose the most suitable delivery option accordingly.

This article contains the following sections:

1. Set up delivery type and delivery fee type

Step 1

Go to Admin Panel > "Settings" > "Delivery Options" > Click "Add"



Step 2 

Select "Delivery Type"

  • Post: The delivery address field will be shown on check out page and is a required field
  • Pickup:
    • For HK merchants, orders can be picked up via S.F. Express or HOP! service
    • For TW merchants, orders can be picked up via 7-11
  • Custom: The delivery address field is optional 


Step 3

Enter delivery options "Name" and "Description".


Step 4

Select "Delivery Fee Type"

  • Flat Price: Delivery fee will be charged per order
  • Order Weight: Delivery fee will be charged according to product(s) weight in the order
  • Product Quantity: Delivery fee will be charged according to the product(s) quantity in the order



2. Shipping Zone(s) Settings

After setting the shipping zone, set the calculation of the delivery fee according to different weights, the page is as follows:EN_2.png


Step 1  

Click Add Shipping Zone to select all countries/regions in the world, if no selected countries/regions will be restricted.

Note: In the step of selecting a country/region on the checkout page, the menu will list all countries/regions included in the shipping method. If you select "Global" for the shipping zone, the menu on the checkout page will be available for all countries/regions.



Step 2

Set up delivery fees according to the weight range.EN_2_step2.png


Step 3  

Click to add more weight ranges, click to delete unnecessary weight range(s).

Note: 20 weight ranges at maximum can be set per shipping zone


Step 4 

Click Add Shipping Zone to add one new shipping zone in the same delivery option.



Click Duplicate to add one new shipping zone with the same weight range info.

Please note that shipping zone(s) cannot be duplicated.



3. Product Settings

A. Main products

Add product weight at the "Settings" tab on the Product Edit page. Weight can be set to 2 digits after decimal, such as 1.01kg; it will be set as 0 by default if nothing has been entered/set.

To learn more about Products Settings, please read our Upload Products FAQ and FAQ of Product Management.



B. Add-on Items

You may scroll down to the bottom of the add-on item edit page and edit the "Weight" settings.

To know more about Add-on Items, please check Add-on Items Settings.


4. Checkout delivery fee calculation

Once a customer chooses his/her delivery zone, the delivery fee will be calculated according to the ordered product(s) weight and it will be adjusted immediately if the product's number has been changed.






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