Preset Product Publish Date

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To manage new arrivals or promotional items for a selected period in a better way, merchants can preset product publish time for each product.


1. Admin Settings

Step 1. Select product

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Product & Categories] > [Products]. Click the Edit button next to the product you want to select.

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Step 2. Set up the publish time

Click the Settings button and scroll down to "Present Online Store Publish Date".

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Set the time for product publishing with the minimum unit being "hours." Click the Clear button to reset.


  • Currently, the system does not support direct input of the date and time in the column, please use the calendar for settings.
  • There will not be any updates if you set up a time in the past.
  • Product available time is based on the merchant's location time zone. Cross-border merchants should pay attention to the time difference with buyers.
  • The storefront is displayed in a 24-hour clock format. It is suggested to indicate the time zone of the available time on the product information page or marketing page.

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Step 3. Update the product

Click Update to save. The product will be automatically published at the time you've set.

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2. Notes

  • If you preset product publish time when adding a new product, or the product status is already "Published", there will not be any update for this product. When it passes the preset publish time, the product will still be published. Please remember to change the publish status after presetting if you need to.

  • If the product status is set up as "Unpublished", the feature will work as expected. When it passes the preset publish time, the product will be published and there will be a system update record in the "Activity Log" of the Admin.










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