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With this feature, you can now hide a product from your store. Hidden products are still accessible via product link, so you can hide a product and provide the link to specific customer to only allow them to purchase.

will be introduced:


A. How to setup a hidden product

Step 1: Confirm your plan of  store and start using it 

in the upper right corner of the store backstage, go to "Hello, OOO" > "My Subscription & Billing" to view the store's plans and modules.

  1. If you see the screen as below, there are "Paid" and "Module" in the "Plan Subscription" section. Please confirm whether your store has a "Advance Store Management Tools" module. If so, you can go to step 2 to set it up.

  2. If you see the screen as below, the "Plan" in the "Current Plan" is Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, or Enterprise. Please confirm whether your store has a "Premium/O2O/Enterprise".

    If so, please go to "App" > "App Store" in the left menu to install the features.


Step 2: Click Edit

In "Products & Categories" >> My Products "edit" an existing product or create a new product



Step 3: Go to the "Settings" tab

Go to the "Settings" tab,turn on the hidden product switch.


The product need to be published to turn on the feature.


Step 4: Click the "Copy Link" button

Click the "Copy Link" button to copy the product URL. You will see "Link copied to clipboard" on the top right corner.



Step 5: Paste to pages

You can now paste the URL to your customer to purchase the product.

Step 6:  Icon indication

In product list you can see an icon to indicate the product is hidden.



B. How the hidden setting affect the product

  • When a product is set as hidden the product will not appear anywhere in your store.
  • When a product is set to hidden, the status in the wishlist will become unavailable.





  • Hidden product can still be added to an express checkout page。
  • If the product is unpublished, the link will redirect to Home page or 404 error page.
  • Hidden setting will not affect product publish/unpublished status on Express Checkout Page.
  • If the product is hidden, will not display on "Product & Category" >> "Categories" >> "View products"
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