Customize Variant Selector with Label Swatches


SHOPLINE provides multiple variant selector styles so that merchants can choose one that is most suitable to their shop design and their product variations. Besides the currently available dropdown list and image picker, we now provide another option of showing your product variant with label swatches. With this style, customers can see all the variants available on product detail page, no need to expand the list of options on click. 


Step 1

Finish setting up your product variants

please refer to FAQs:

  1. Product Variations
  2. Upload Photos For Product Variations


Step 2

Go to Settings >> Product Settings >> Variation Display Style

Choose "Label swatches" and click "Updates". 


Note: The variation display style will be applied to the variations of ALL products. 


Step 3

Go to storefront and you can see that your product variants will be all spread out and displayed in label swatches style. 




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