Suggested Image Size


Attractive image have always been the most important part of the online store. Please make sure to meets the supported format and Suggested image size to ensure that store images are rendered optimally.


1. The suggested image format and size?

A. Product Image Category

Supported format of Product Photos (Main) and Additional Product Photos: JPG / PNG / GIF.

  • Recommended width x height sizes of "Product Photos (Main)" and "Additional Product Photos": more than 750px x 750px.
  • Recommended width of "Category Banners" of "Product Category": 2000px to 3000px.


A. Pages Image Category

Supported format of all image in pages: JPG / PNG / GIF.

  • Recommended width of "Advanced Page" general image: 1200px to 2000px.
  • Recommended width of full-width banner image in "Advanced Page": 2000px to 3000px.
  • Recommended width of images embedded in "Text Page" and "Product Description": 1000px to 2000px


*Note that some browsers do not support the selection of GIF /PNG, please use drag method to drag the image to the "Drop Files Here" area, as shown in the following image.mceclip0.png


2. Why did the picture fail to upload?

Common issues:

i. File size: The image size must not exceed 10mb.

ii. Image colour space: If the image is CMYK, because CMYK is used for printing, it needs to be converted to RGB and uploaded to the system


iii. GIF can't be uploaded: Check the frames of the GIF file, as too much GIF frame can cause you to be unable to upload the GIF file.

- Suggested GIF frame for image size around 1920x1000: Up to 20 

- Suggested GIF frame for image size around 800x400: Up to 120 

- Kindly refer to GIF Production/Check Tool:


2. Why my image is blurred or low quality after uploaded?

You may edit your image quality with 3rd party tools, below is one of the tools which you can use: Foter


i. Log in or register a Footer account mceclip0.png

ii. You will then receive an email from Fotor for verification, kindly click and verifymceclip2.png

iii. Click on "Edit a Photo"mceclip3.png

iv. Add in an image and click on Save iconmceclip4.png

v. Select "High" under Quality and Download the imagemceclip5.png

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