Product Log


The product log lists the changes made to the product. You can check the record on product creation, inventory update, and other information to help give you an overview on the product.

*Remark:The product log records the latest 200 logs at most.  100 logs for product fulfillment and 100 logs for product updated.


Feature Location

Please go to Admin Panel > Products and Categories > Products, and click the product you want to check out. Once inside, you can click on the "Logs" section.



Product Created

Information on product creation: Cost, Regular Price, Sale Price and Quantity.



Product Fulfillment

When a customer buys a product and completes the purchase order successfully, the system will deduct the number items purchased from the product inventory. You can check the order number, customer name and quantities in the record.



Product Fulfillment Reverted

When the order status is changed to "canceled", the number of products in the order will be added back to the product inventory.



Product Updated

When you update product inventory levels, the record will show the adjusted items and the new total inventory.


* If you make any other type of changes to the product, the record will show "Product Updated":





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