Promotions Step 1 - General Information

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When you are planning different promotions, SHOPLINE's "Promotions" can help you to come out with the most suitable marketing strategy.


This article will cover the following:

If you wish to set "Free Shipping", "Bundle Promotion" or "A + B Promotion",
please refer to the FAQ's below:
Free Shipping Promotion Step 1 - General Information

Bundle Promotion Step 1 - General Information

A + B Promotion Step 1 - General Information

Buy X Get Y Promotion Step 1 - General Information


If you would like to skip the first step,
please go directly to Step 2, 3, or 4 and the links below.
Promotions Step 2 - Set Target Group

Promotions Step 3 - Set Benefits & Criteria

Promotions Step 4 - Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options


1. Set up a promotion

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] and click View Promotions Analysis to view the effectiveness of promotions. 




Click Add to enter the promotions setup page. In the first step, you would have to decide and set up a "Promotion Name," " Purchase Condition," " Benefit Type," and "Event(s) and Condition(s)." 



2. Promotion name

The promotion name would be shown on the checkout page under "Applied Promotion." If you have checked the "Show promotion information on product details page" box in [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] > [Promotion Settings], it would also be shown on the product detail page.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you clearly state the condition of the promotion in the promotion name column. A name with complete information can grab customers' attention.

For example, "Login and receive 10% Off on orders over $500." 

  • You can choose to only fill in one language.
  • Promotion names cannot exceed 100 characters.
  • Do not write in {{Chinese}} format, e.g., {{聖誕優惠}}.



3. Available channel

Set the applicable channel for the promotion you created. Select and check the box if you want it to be only applicable to online stores/retail stores. Check both boxes if you want to apply to both online stores and retail stores.



There are two options for retail stores - All stores and Selected store(s).

  • All stores: Including new stores to be opened in the future, this promotion is applicable to all branches. 
  • Selected store(s): Only the selected store(s) you checked are applicable to this promotion.

Please refer to Promotion Campaign | POS Admin to learn more about setting up promotions for retail stores.


4. Discount summary

When you finished setting up the conditions, you could see the summary here for confirmation.



i. Set Purchase Condition - No Condition; Total Order over; Selected Products over; Selected Categories over

The purchase conditions are categorized into 4 types. Other than "No Condition," the other three purchase conditions can be set as "Minimum amount" or "Minimum items." 


  • No Condition: If the purpose of the promotion is to gather customers' information or to increase the member count, you could set a promotion with no condition to lower the threshold. 
  • Total Order over ...: The promotion will apply when the order reaches the minimum order amount or items (all products/ specific product/ specific category). You can select whether to allow customers to apply discounts in a stack when there are multiple order-level promotions. To learn more about the order-level discount settings, please refer to this article.
  • Selected Products over ...: The promotion would apply when selected products reach the minimum order amount or items. You could use keywords to find and select particular products in a more effective way. 



  • Selected Categories over ...: The promotion would apply when selected categories reach the minimum order amount or items. You could use keywords to find and select particular categories in a more effective way. If there are some products in the category that would not apply to free shipping, click Select Exclude Product(s) to exclude them.



ii. Set Benefit Type

A. Discount %, Discount amount, or Free gift

  • Discount %: Fill in numbers from 1-99 — for example, 20 means 20% off, and 70 means 70 % off.
    When the customer meets the requirement, all selected products can enjoy a % discount. If the promotion is 50% off for buying 2 items, customers can get a discount if they get anything in two.
  • Discount amount: This means that when selected products have reached the minimum amount/ items, this order could get a specific dollar amountThe number must be a valid number greater than 0. If you would like a discount to stack. For instance, buy two, get $50 off, buy four, get $50 off and buy six, get $150 off, and so on. Please "Add Benefits & Condition Tiers," and one promotion can only have ten conditions.
  • Free gift: You can offer free gift promotions. For example: buy A get B for free or get Free Gift A with an order over a specific amount.
    For more information about Free Gifts, please refer to the link below: Free Gifts Promotion Settings
To create Free Gift Promotions, please refer to following: 

Non-stackable Free Gift: Buy 1000, get A Free,
Buy 2000, Get B Free, Buy 3000, get C Free

Stackable Free gift: Buy 1000 Get A free,
Buy 200 Get A+B Free, Buy 3000, get A+B+C Free

For Free Gift Promotion settings,
please refer to Free Gifts Promotion


B. [Coming Soon] Stackable pricing

Once you turn on this setting, the system will automatically combine multiple promotion discounts as long as the order is eligible for the discount. If you turn off the setting, the discounts will not be automatically stacked. Orders that meet the purchase condition can only apply the discount once.

For example, $10 off on selected products over $100.

  • Stackable pricing ON: $10 off on the order over $100, $20 off over $200, $40 off over $400, etc. 

  • Stackable pricing OFF: $10 off on orders over $100, $10 off over $200. 



iii. Set Event(s) and Condition(s)

Set the exact % / amount of items for this promotion. 

Example 1. 10% off orders over $1000


Example 2. $50 off orders over $1000, $100 off orders over $2000, and $150 off orders over $3000



  • Multiple promotions that share the same validity period, and target group, and are set to be auto-applied must not include the same designated products.
  • When there are two auto-applied promotions on selected categories, the system will apply the one that starts earlier. And if they start at the same time, the system will apply the one that was created first.
  • If an order fulfills the order-level promotion and membership offer, the system will apply the one that offers more discount.
  • The add-on item/ Shopping Cart Add-on items will not have any discount, neither % nor amount.
  • The system only applies the promotions to the first order of Product Subscription.


After completing the first step

You can refer to the below FAQs for the following steps to set up the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th steps of the promotions setup.

Read more:

Promotions Step 2 - Set Target Group
Promotions Step 3 - Set Benefits & Criteria
Promotions Step 4 - Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options


* The following is a sequence diagram for the application of promotions. The promotions will be applied from top to bottom, except those related to gifts, which can be applied in a stack. As for the rest of the promotions, only one will be applied per row. 

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