Promotions Step 3 - Set Benefits & Criteria


This step is divided into 2 sections that allow merchants to have more flexibility in setting the rules and criteria for the promotion, which are:

  1. Promotion apply method
  2. Promotion limitations

1. Promotion Apply Method

There are 3 methods available which are "Auto apply promotion", "Coupon" and "For Affiliate Campaign Only".

i. Auto apply promotion


The system will apply for the promotion automatically once customers' orders meet the requirement and criteria of the promotion. After selecting the apply method, set the start and end time of the promotion, and the total number of times the offer can be used


ii. Coupon 



Customers will have to use a coupon in order to enjoy the promotion for their order. Merchants may select "Coupon", and select among three coupon types:

  • Single Coupon Code: create a single coupon code for all target customers to use for the promotion.
  • Multiple Coupon Codes: create multiple coupon codes, each code can only be redeemed once. 
  • Get Coupon Link: create a coupon link for members to get coupons. Merchants can set up receive limit for the coupon. Each member can only receive and use the coupon once.

Merchants can also set up the start and end time, and the total number of times the offer can be used.  

*Note: To enable "Get Coupon Link", please go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] > [Promotion Settings] to switch on the toggle of "Show 'Coupon' in Storefront Member Center".



A. Single Coupon Code

Select "Single Coupon Code", and enter a coupon code in the field below. Customers will get to enjoy the promotion once they enter the code.


  • Coupon Code can only contain numbers and English characters without spacing (for example, SUMMER10OFF), and are case-sensitive.
  • If you tick the "Display coupon in member account" box, the coupon code will show in the Member Center right after the promotion is created. If you wish it to be displayed later, you can tick the box after creating the promotion.



B. Multiple Coupon Codes

Select "Multiple Coupon Codes", and enter coupon codes in the box down below. 


  • Coupon codes can only contain numbers and English characters without spacing (for example, SUMMER10OFF), and are case-sensitive.
  • A comma is required when setting multiple coupon codes, no spacing is needed (for example, VIP001, VIP002, VIP003).
  • Usage upper limit is not required for Multiple Coupon Codes. Each code can only be redeemed once.
  • The upper limit of Mulitple Couple Codes is 10000.



C. Get Coupon Link

*Note: "Get Coupon Link" is only available for merchants who have the Promotion Module.

Select "Get Coupon Link", and set the Receive Limit for the coupon. The coupon link will be generated after the promotion is successfully set up. Merchants can send the link to customers, or put it on web stores or in EDMs. Also, the coupon link can be turned into a QR Code for merchants to use in retail stores or on product packages.



Customers can click the link to receive the coupon, and check it in the Account tab.



  • The receive limit is the same as the usage limit of the coupon. For the same promotion campaign, each customer can only receive and use the coupon once. Also, they have to log in to receive the coupon successfully.
  • Once the coupon link is established, the promotion limitations and target group of the promotion campaign cannot be edited.
  • You can enable coupon valid & expiration notifications. Members with the coupon will receive notifications once the coupon becomes valid and when it is about to expire. For more details, please refer to Custom Notifications - Member Related.
  • If you want to send coupons to a specific customer group, please refer to the article Customer Segments - Sending Coupons.
  • The upper limit of the Get Coupon Link coupons can be set as unlimited.
  • The coupon code will automatically generate when the member successfully receives the coupon. Merchants are not required to customize one.
  • The coupon link can be sent to customers before the start date of the promotion.
  • After the promotion begins, merchants can go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] > [Usage Record] to check the reception and usage record of the coupon.



iii. For Affiliate Campaign Only


You can set up an exclusive promotion for a specific referral campaign, which will only take effect if the customer checks out via a referral link or referral code. You can also set up the number of times for application. (Please refer to this part of this article)


2. Promotion limitations

i. Start time

The promotion date and time will be the current date and time by default when you set up a promotion. Currently supports setting up in hourly format; you can use filters to select a time of your choice. In addition, we also provide Today and Now buttons allowing you to set up the current date and time quickly, or use the Clear button to empty the date and time fields.

*Note: The promotion will take effect immediately after you complete the setup if the start time of the promotion is not set.



ii. End time

The system presets the promotion end time as "Never Expires" by default. Please uncheck the "Never Expires" option and then set the end date time if you need to change the expiration date of the promotion.

Since the promotion time is only allowed in hour format, for now, the event time can only be set up to 11 pm (23:00 pm) on the same day. If you want the event to end on December 31, the end date and time need to be set to January 1, 12:00 AM.



iii. How many times can this promotion be used

This field allows you to set how many times your promotion can be used. It will be set as "Unlimited" by default, meaning this promotion is available for all new orders which meet the requirement and criteria. You can also set a usage limit for the promotion. For example, if you enter 30, then this promotion can only be used for the first 30 orders.

It's different from "Limit per member" in Step 2 Set Target Group, which is to limit the total times a member can use the promotion, while the feature here is to limit how many times the promotion can be used. 




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