Promotions Step 4 - Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options

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As we approach the last step,  we would have to decide if all Payment and Delivery options are applicable for this promotion. You will be able to choose the applicable options in this step. 


1. Payment Settings

The system will preset all the Payment and Delivery options as applicable for the promotion, you may consider excluding certain options that are not suitable for this promotion.

For example: If you use a third-party payment method, there will definitely be an additional collection fee. If you do not want guests to enjoy discounts when choosing this payment method, you can uncheck this option.


Untick to exclude a certain option from the list :



2. Delivery settings

If you had set a [Free Shipping promotion] for your customers and it is only applicable for customers who choose [Delivery option B] as the delivery charges are lower than Delivery option A.

You may then untick [Delivery option A] in [Step 4. Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options] during the setup of promotion to exclude as following:








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