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To boost sales and increase exposure via online store promotions, you can capitalize on SHOPLINE's "Coupon Center" to remind customers of the new promotions and enable them to claim coupons prior to the promotions, thereby encouraging coupon usage to improve conversion rates and ensuring customers' rights to access discounts even more smoothly.


This article will cover the following: 


1. Display coupons in Coupon Center

Go to SHOPLINE Admin > [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] > [Promotion Settings] and switch on the "Storefront Show Coupon Center and "Coupon" in Member Center" toggle.

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Please refer to the following two articles and complete the 1st and 2nd steps of Promotion Settings before proceeding with the subsequent actions.


Step 1

The promotion methods can be divided into three types: "Auto apply promotion, Coupon, and For Affiliate Campaign Only." Select Coupon.

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Step 2

There are three ways to claim coupons: "Display coupon in the shop coupon center, Enter coupon code to claim, and Send coupon through links or customer groups." Select Display coupon in the shop coupon center.

  • The option "Display coupon in the shop coupon center" means that customers can view and claim coupons in Coupon Center on the storefront, but each customer is limited to claiming and using the coupon only once.
  • Next, edit Coupon Usage Limit (i.e. the total number of times the discount can be accessed/ claimed).

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Step 3

Set the coupon's "Display Start/ End Time & Promotion Start/ End Time." You can set Display Start Time (coupon claimable start time) before the promotion begins to heighten anticipation for the upcoming promotion or set Display Start Time the same as that of the promotion.

The Display Start Time cannot be later than the Promotion Start Time, and the Display End Time cannot be later than the Promotion End Time either, or it may result in customers being unable to claim the coupon during the promotion or receiving an expired coupon upon claiming it.

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2. View Coupon Center

Coupon Center supports displaying coupons that meet the following requirements, and you can also enter coupon codes to claim them. 

*Note: All four conditions above must be met simultaneously for the coupons to be displayed.

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You can click the link to go to Coupon Center on the homepage, in the member center, and on the checkout page of your online store.


i. Online store homepage

If customers have unclaimed coupons, the system will display a pop-up notification below the "Member Center" icon on the storefront. Click on Claim Now to proceed to Coupon Center.

*Note: The Member Center icon may vary depending on the configuration via [Online Store Design] > [Design] > [Storefront Template] in Admin.

  • Screen for members that haven't logged in
    The pop-up notification shows "Please login to claim coupons."

    • Desktop
      Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 11.56.54 AM.png

    • Mobile


  • Screen for members that have logged in
    The pop-up notification shows "There are unclaimed coupons. Please proceed and claim them!"

    • Desktop
      Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 11.55.25 AM.png

    • Mobile
      Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 11.50.00 AM.png


ii. Member center

Upon logging into your online store, please conform to the following steps.


iii. Checkout page

Customers can click on Select Coupon on the checkout page to view the coupons available for this order or click Go to Coupon Center > for more details.

*Note: The "Fast Checkout" page currently does not support displaying the "Go to Coupon Center >" button.

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3. Use coupons during checkout

Step 1

Scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page, find the "Order Summary" section, click Apply A Coupon Code, and next click on Select Coupon.

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Step 2

The "Select Coupon" pop-up window will display all coupons available for this order. Choose one and click Use to apply this coupon (discount) to your order.

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4. Notes

  • Coupon Center does NOT support displaying discounts emanating through checking the "Display coupon in member account" box. If you wish to display coupons in Coupon Center, please refer back to Step 1 to begin the process.

    🔔 Please see Display Coupon in Member's Account for details about coupons in Member Center.
    Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 12.31.40 PM.png

  • [Coming Soon] If you want to view the number of coupons claimed and usage count, please go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] / [Free Shipping] / [Bundle Promotions] and click Redemption/Usage Record. For more information, please refer to: View Coupon Redemption/Usage Record. Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 2.56.18 PM.png

  • Once the coupons displayed in Coupon Center are claimed by your customers, the promotions/ discounts will be bound to their member accounts, and promotion start notification and expiry notification will be sent to them according to the Custom Notifications you set.





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