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To allow merchants to edit the system's default messages, SHOPLINE provides the "Custom Notification" feature which enables editors to add text, images, and links to the notification emails and SMS to provide customers with more customized relevant information. This article will go over copying and adding variables to the custom notification templates.

*Note: Before you start editing, please confirm whether your plan can use the "Customize Notification" application. To enable the SMS feature, please contact Merchant Success Team.

For operation details and procedures, please refer to the two FAQ articles below:


1. List of Variables

The followings are the variables that can be used in each notification. Please use "Control + F" (Windows) or "Command + F" (iOS) to find the keyword more efficiently.

A. Variables for member notifications

Member Notifications



Common variables for member notifications


Your shop's name


Customer's name


Shop shorten URL

Member Account Setup/Import Notification


Setup password URL

Membership Upgrade Notification


Customer's membership tier


Customer's membership tier discount

Assign Store Credits Notification


Assign store credit amount


Customer's store credit balance

Store Credit Expired Notification


Stores credit amount to be expired


Store credit expiration date

Welcome Credits Notification


Welcome credit amount


Customer credit balance

Birthday Credits Notification


Birthday credit amount


Customer credit balance

Order Reward Credits Notification


Order reward credit amount


Customer credit balance

Member Referral Notification

(to Referrer)


Referrer's name


Referrer reward credit to be assigned to referrer after new member placed an order

Member Referral Notification 

(to New member)


New member's name


Member referral credit amount

Referrer Reward Notification 

(to Referrer)


Referrer's name


Referrer reward credit


Customer credit balance

Assign Member Points Notification


Assigned member point amount


Customer member point balance

Earn Points Notification


Accumulated order reward points


Customer point balance


Coupon Notification



Promotion Name


Start date of promotion


End date of promotion


B. Variables for order notifications

Member Notifications



Common variables for order notification


Your shop's name


Your shop's email


Shop shorten URL

Customer related 


Customer’s name


Customer’s email

{{ | mask: phone}}

Customer’s phone number (3 middle digits masked)


Customer’s gender

{{customer.birthday | date: "%b %d, %Y"}}

Customer’s birthday


{{attribute | first}}

{{attribute | last}}

Customer’s custom fields

Order related


Order URL


Order status


Order remarks


{{attribute | first}}

{{attribute | last}}

Order custom fields


Pay and upload payment slips

{{order.created_at | date: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M%p"}}

Order date


Order number

Payment related






Custom discount total amount


Applied store credits


Member points redeemed for cash


Applied point discount


Delivery fee


Tax fee


Total price





Tax included


Credits earned after paid


Points used to redeem gifts



Point Assign Day


Payment status


Payment option


Payment instructions


{{order.order_payment.instruction_image.src | img_url: '750x'}}

{{order.order_payment.instruction_image | img_url: '750x'}}

Payment instruction image


PayPal transaction ID


Payment type


Transaction ID


Payment fee





Delivery related


Delivery status


Delivery option



Delivery date


Delivery description







{{ order.order_delivery.address.address.postcode }}


Recipient name


Recipient phone number


Pick Up store code


Pick Up store name


Courier company name (as a title)


Courier company name/HOP! Address/ SF Express address


Tracking number


Delivery tracking URL


Shipment number


Shop-to-Shop delivery ID


Delivery status from the manufacturer

Product related


Order items


Product image


Product name


Product type


{{name}} for loop

Variation name


Bundled product


Bundled product name


Bundled product variation name


Product quantity


Number of points redeemed for product


Product price


Preorder product notice


Total points


Total price

Subscription order related



Next order creation time


Subscription product 




Number of subscription 


Subscription cycle

{{product_subscription.recurring_count_limit}} Subscription limit 

Split order related


New Order (Split Order) number has been created 


2. Lists of variables for 11 custom notifications

  • Payment Slip Upload Notification, Order Message Notification, Email Verification Notification, Mobile Verification Notification, Shop Message Notification, Abandoned Cart Notification, and Back in Stock Notification - Click here
  • Variables for Order Canceled Notification, SHOPLINE Payments Refund Notification - Click here
  • Customer Return Order Request Notification, Returned Order Status Update Notification - Click here


3. Notes

  • If you have enabled the feature to send SMS, SHOPLINE will charge a monthly fee for the SMS.
  • The sample character count of the email subject and SMS message is only for reference and does not serve as the final number of characters. The number is subjected to the text converted from the variables, e.g. {{store_credit.credit_balance}}.  
  • The "Send Order Status Update SMS Notifications" toggle button has been removed from the Order Settings page. To enable or disable the SMS notification feature, go to the Custom Notification edit page.
  • The variable and URL shown in the preview is a sample of how the variables will be converted. Please refer to the list of variables for editing the actual message content.
  • The system does not yet support multi-language translation. If you enter English content in the Traditional Chinese tab, the customer who has set to receive messages in Traditional Chinese will receive the text content in English. Please be sure to confirm the language tab when editing.
  • The system will determine the language of the notification received by the customer according to the customer's login status and whether the store language has been modified:
    • The customer has not logged in and has not switched the store language: Default Shop Language (based on customer's browser language or merchant's custom choice)
    • The customer has not logged in and has switched the store language: The store language most recently switched by the customer.
    • The customer has logged in and has not switched the store language: Customer's browser language
    • The customer has logged in and has switched the store language: The store language most recently switched by the customer.


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