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Merchants can set up a wide range of sales and promotion campaigns on the Admin Panel.

In this article, you can find the ways to set up different combinations of promotions:


1. Set up discounts 

To set up the campaign, go to the SHOPLINE Admin, click [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions]. Click Add to create a campaign.


Step 1

Fill in the promotion name.

If you enable the [Show promotion campaign information on product details page] feature in [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions]Promotion Settings, you will see the promotion name on the Product page.


  • You could input only one language.
  • The Promotion Name is limited to 100 characters. 


Step 2

Select a purchase condition. 


Case 1. Discount % off or discount amount off with a minimum total order purchase

1. Set Purchase Condition > select Total Order over Minimum Amount

2. Select Benefit Type > Select Discount % for the event type and select to apply to All Products.

3. Enter the discount percentage and condition for offering the discount.



Case 2. Free gifts for purchasing products in a category

1. Set Purchase Condition > select Selected Categories over Minimum items

2. Select Benefit Type > Select Free Gift for the event type

3. Set Event(s) and Condition(s) > Click Select on the right to select the free gift item(s). Enter the quantity and condition for offering the free gift.



2. Free shipping setting

Case 1. Free Shipping offers for All Orders

Go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Free Shipping]. Then click Add to create a free shipping campaign. 


Case 2. Get Free Shipping special offers for Orders Total over the required amount



3. Bundle Promotion / A + B Promotion 

Go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Bundle Promotion]. Then click Add and select which one of bundle pricing you want to set up. 


Case 1. Bundle price for products in a selected category

After entering the number of items and bundle price, select the eligible products for promotion. 



Case 2. Product A + Product B = a fixed price  

  1. Enter the number of item(s) for the product in Group A and B, and the price for the combo as well.
  2. Click Select Products in Group A and Select Products in Group B to set up conditions. 



For more details, please refer to the following FAQs.

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* The following is a sequence diagram for the application of promotions. The promotions will be applied from top to bottom, except those related to gifts, which can be applied in a stack. As for the rest of the promotions, only one will be applied per row. 

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