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SHOPLINE has launched the "Send Coupons" feature for you to distribute coupons to specific customer groups. You can also specify the sending time and schedule in advance; customers can easily claim the coupons just by clicking on the link in an email or text message.

In this article, you'll learn how to


1. Send coupons to a customer segment

Step 1

Proceed to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Customer Management] > [Customer Group]. Click on the View List button next to the group you want to send coupons to. 

To learn more about creating customer groups, please refer to this article



Step 2

On the page of the selected customer group, click Actions and select Send Coupon.



Step 3

Select the coupon you want to send and the estimated sending time. Click Preview to see how the notification will appear. Click Confirm to complete the setup.
*Note: The estimated sending time must be set at least 2 hours later on the hour.



You will be notified by email after the coupons are sent.

If some coupons fail to be sent, a report download link will be provided in the email. You can click to view the reason for the failure. If all coupons are sent successfully, no link will be provided.

*Note: If you want to send coupons to a large customer group, the system may take a while to work.



2. Check coupon sending status

If you want to know the sending status of the coupons that have been set, please go to [Customer Management] > [Customer Group] in the Admin. Enter the page of the customer group that you just set to send coupons to, and click View in the activity list.



A. Coupons sent successfully

The coupon sending status appears "Done" if your coupon is sent successfully. 

*Note: Coupons will not be sent to customers that you have removed from the customer group.



B. Coupons sent failed

The sending status appears "Failed" if your coupon fails to be sent. You can find the reason for failure in the "Coupon Sending Status."

Reasons for failure to send coupons include:

  • Invalid Coupon: The coupon has been deleted, unpublished, or expired.
  • Coupons are inapplicable: After the coupon is set to be sent, the discount condition is modified, resulting in the coupon not meeting the customer group criteria.
  • An insufficient number of coupons: The number of coupons that can be claimed is less than the customer count in the group.
  • Other system errors.



C. Coupon sent partially successful, partially failed

If some of your coupons have been sent successfully and some have failed, you will find the sending status appears as "Done" and list the number of coupons sent successfully and failed to send. Click Download Failed Report to view the reasons for sending failure and customer information.

*Note: The report is available for download within 7 days from the time when the coupon is sent.



In the failure report, you can find the customer ID, email address, mobile number, and error reason for the failed delivery.



D. Cancel coupon sending

To cancel the coupons that have been set to be sent, you can click the Cancel Sending button to cancel the coupons with the "Not start" sending status at least 2 hours before the estimated sending time.



3. Customer's view

A. Email

If you select to send coupons by email, the customer will see the notification as shown below.

Customers click the CHECK YOUR COUPON button to jump to the store login page, where they can log in to claim the coupon.

*Note: The "CHECK YOUR COUPON" button has a UTM traffic tracking feature. Please refer to this article to learn how to view UTM data.




If you select to send coupons by text messages, the customer will see the notification as shown below.

Customers can click the link to be directed to the store login page, where they can log in to claim coupons.



4. Notes

  • The coupon type must be a Get Coupon Link, and the coupon should have yet to be started or have not expired.
  • The target group for the coupons must be set to "All Customers."
  • The receive limit of the coupon must be greater than the customer count of the group you select.
  • An SMS fee will be incurred if you check "Send SMS" for notifications.
  • Considering the system operation mechanism, please send coupons to one group simultaneously to avoid failure.


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