Bulk Update Products


The “bulk update products” feature allows you to manage products in large quantities effectively. You can do the following actions to update products:

Notes: "Bulk Update Products" is currently available for updating Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai products' information. (Multi-language support including  Malay, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French will be available soon)

*If your system supports multiple languages, it will generate the file according to your language setting.



1. Download current products information: My products > bulk import/update



In the second section of the bulk import/update page, you can export your existing products (add-on items excluded). You will receive the excel file by email.


Please be noted that a maximum of 500 main products may be updated at once. Therefore, the exported file will be split by 500 main products.

e.g. A shop contains 689 main products, you will receive a mail that has 2 update file download links. One with 500 main products, the other with 189 main products.



2. You can update product info, including:

a. Product name (Chinese & English)

  • you can edit product name
  • The product name will also support multi-language including Malay, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French(coming soon)
  • Note: at least one Chinese or English name is required.


b. SEO Title/Description/Keywords

  • you can change SEO Title/Description/Keywords for products 
  • SEO Title/ Description will also support multi-language including Malay, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French(coming soon)


c. Hidden Product

  • available for Premium, O2O, and Enterprise Plan
  • you can set your product as hidden
  • please use Y/N to set, Y = hidden, N = not hidden


d. Preorder Product and Notes

  • you can set preorder status and notes for products
  • please use Y/N to set, Y = preorder product, N = normal product
  • Preorder Notes will also support multi-language including Malay, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French (coming soon)


e. Publish Status

  • you can set publish status for products
  • please use Y/N to set, Y = publish, N = un-publish


f. Price:

  • you can change the regular price, sale price, member price(available for Premium, O2O, and Enterprise Plan), membership tier exclusive price (coming soon, available for O2O and Enterprise Plan) of the main product and each variant
  • Note 1: 
    If you have set “all variations have the same price”, the price of variations will show "same price". 

    If you want to set different prices to variations, please uncheck the "all variations have the same price” first.
  • Note 2: 
    If you have set “hide price”, the price of variations and main product will show "Hide Price". 

    If you want to change prices, please uncheck the "hide price” first.
  • Note 3: If a certain product does not have membership tier exclusive price, it would be shown as 0 in the bulk update file. Please fill in number greater than 0 to set membership tier exclusive price for a product.
Reminder: This function only provides the merchants to modify the content of the fields, but not the header order or the header content. For instance, the merchant can only change the figure of membership tier price, but cannot change the membership tier name or the membership tier order. If merchants modify the header fields and then import, it will fail.
In addition, please be sure to export the latest bulk update product file otherwise merchants will not be able to use the modified data in the same format as the old document.


g. Product Cost:

  • you can edit the cost of the main product and each variant


h. SKU:

  • you can edit the SKU of the main product and each variation 


i. Location ID

  • you can edit location ID
  • location ID has an upper limit of 40 characters

j. Inventory:

  • You can check the current inventory of products in column "Quantity" of your downloaded file but DO NOT EDIT this column. 
  • If you want to change the quantity of the product, please fill in the column "Update Quantity" by the value you want to add or reduce (if you want to reduce the quantity, remember to put “-” before the value e.g. -10)
  • Note: if you want to set unlimited inventory to "limited quantity" product, please change “unlimited quantity” to N first, or your edit will not be applied. 
    Also, the default quantity after you change "unlimited quantity" to N will be the inventory quantity that you have set before changing "unlimited quantity" to Y, so we recommend you change the quantity after the update process.


k. Product Weight

  • You can set weight of the main product and each variant.
  • The value would be used to calculate the shipping cost when it is determined by weight.
  • Note: the unit of weight will be kilogram(kg), and only supports to the second digit after the decimal. 


l. Product Tags

  • you can set product tags
  • Note: Each tag must contain at least 3 characters, and please use comma (,) to separate different tags


m. Product Feed Data (optional)

  • you can set product brand, MPN, and barcode


n. Fixed Columns (do not edit)

  • Please be noted that the columns that are marked “do not edit” (product ID, SL_Key...etc) should not be edited, or there will be errors in your upload.


3. Upload the edited file


4. You can check the update action progress in "Bulk import/update log" after the file is successfully uploaded.


If there are products that can't be successfully updated, you can download the failure report for reference.

If the updated file contains both valid and invalid products, the valid product would still be updated, while the update of invalid product would be blocked.


*If there is any failed result, please export the latest product update file and import it after correction.

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