Traffic Maintenance Fee Overview

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In this article, you'll find the conditions for charging and refunding the transaction service fee and its calculation.


The following will be covered:


1. Traffic maintenance fee calculation method  

Depending on a merchant's plan, SHOPLINE will charge a percentage-based order-volume traffic maintenance fee for each transaction, calculated according to the table below:

  • Blue cells (ones with the check mark "V") indicate that orders with this Order/ Payment Status will incur traffic maintenance fees.
  • Red cells (ones with the cross mark "X") indicate that orders with this Order/ Payment Status will not incur system traffic maintenance fees and are refundable.
  • Cross-month adjustments of the payment status to "Partially Refunded" will not trigger a refund calculation. However, during the monthly settlement, the system will calculate the traffic maintenance fees based on the "Order Total" amount. Therefore, if there is a need for partial refunds, please edit the order simultaneously to make the "Order Total" amount equal to the "Actual Received" amount.

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Sources included in traffic maintenance fee calculation

  1. Orders created in SHOPLINE Admin 
  2. Storefront orders
  3. Livestream orders
  4. Message Center orders

Excluded from traffic maintenance fee calculation:

  1. Orders imported from API 
  2. Orders created in POS App
  3. Orders created in Smart OMO
  4. Imported customer information Total Spend


Charge exclusion conditions 

  1. The "Payment Status" of an order is "Expired" or "Failed".  
  2. The "Payment Status" of an order is "Unpaid", "Refunding" or "Refunded" and the "Order Status" is "Cancelled," or "Deleted". 


Refund exclusion conditions

  1. Orders with a maintenance fee refund record (Each order will only be refunded once).
  2. Orders that are beyond the retrospective period of traffic maintenance fee data.



  • Even if an order is cancelled or deleted, if the payment status of the order remains "Paid," the traffic maintenance fee will still be charged for that order. Please be sure to pay close attention before cancelling or deleting orders.
  • The refund of the system traffic maintenance fee for each order will be re-evaluated within 3 months.
    • Example: Orders in May will be settled on 1 June, but on 1 July, 1 August, and 1 September, the system will re-examine whether there have been any changes made to the status of orders in May. If there is a change from a blue cell to a red one, the system will then trigger a refund mechanism. Simply put, orders in each month will be calculated for payment (settlement) once and checked for refunds three times.
  • Upon including all eligible orders for payment/ refund, the current payable amount will be calculated based on the traffic maintenance fee percentage and taxes specified in the contract quotation. Please note that the system will calculate the amount based on the data generated at the time of report export. If the order status is adjusted after the report export, it will not change the amount of the traffic maintenance fee.


2. Traffic maintenance fee invoice 

The traffic maintenance fee report, bills, and invoices are issued as follows:

  1. Report generation time: 1st of the next month at 16:00 (UTC+8).
    Please see Report Export Panel to learn how to export the report.
  2. Billing email sending time: 10th of the next month at 16:00 (UTC+8). Please refer to the notification sample below, and refer to Service Fees and Payment to know more about the payment method.
  3. Invoice issuance time: 2 to 3 days after the bill settlement (it shall be postponed if such date falls on a holiday), and will be sent to the shop email.


3. Fee payment instructions 

The payment deadline is 2 weeks after the Transaction Fee Report is generated (i.e., before the 24th of each month.)

Email notifications 

1. Billing notification

When the total charge/refund amount of your store order is > $0, the system will calculate the percentage-based Transaction service fee (traffic maintenance fee) and tax based on the contract quotation, and send a billing notification. Click the CLICK HERE TO PAY button to continue the payment.

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2. Payment successful notice

If you have settled the payment, the system will send a notification of successful payment. You can click the button SEE PAYMENT CONFIRMATION to view the record.

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3. Payment failure

If your payment operation fails, the system will send a payment failure notification. Please click CLICK HERE TO PAY to settle the payment.

The possible reasons for payment failure include:

  • Failed to charge fees from the credit card

Please see this article to learn how to add and edit your credit card details.

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  • Insufficient fund balance

Please see here to learn how to top-up or view your fund balance. 

*Note: The "Credit" feature currently only supports merchants in Taiwan.

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4. Payment overdue

If you have not completed the payment after the payment due date, the system will send a billing reminder notice. Click CLICK HERE TO PAY NOW to settle the payment.

To keep yourself posted with the billing email, you can use the Service charge bill page to view the records of the maintenance fee payable and settle the bills online directly. 

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Payment methods 

  1. Postal/Bank transfer
  2. Credit (only available for Taiwan-based merchants)
  3. Direct debit (bank account)
  4. Direct debit (virtual card) 





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