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SHOPLINE's Smart OMO is the ultimate solution to integrate online shopping and offline service. It breaks the limit between devices, provides customers with a more integrated shopping experience, and allows merchants to capture clear information of customers, all of which benefit from the arrangement of push notifications, promotions, and campaigns.


1. Enter spending amount

Step 1

Enter the member profile page by the customer's phone number, email or name, then tap Enter spending amount.

*Note: If you are using SHOPLINE POS or your ERP system is connected to SHOPLINE, please do not manually input the store consumption amount to avoid a repeated accumulation of the amount.



Step 2

Enter the amount, then tap OK.



Step 3

Confirm the member's spending amount. Tap Confirm to add the spending record. If the entered amount reaches the condition for member points or store credits, the member will receive points and credits.

*Note: This added amount will be recorded as the sales performance of the operator (logged-in staff).



You can view this record by going to [Order Management] > [Orders] in the store Admin.


Order details appears in the same way as orders created through Smart OMO.



You can also view this record by going to [Customer Management] > [Customer] and clicking on the customer's details.




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