Member Points


With this Member Points feature, you can give points to your members and let them redeem points for cash! Create an effective member engagement strategy to increase your member loyalty now!

 *You need to install "Member Points" in "Apps > Apps Store" before you start setting up. 


1. Set up Points Earning Rule

Step 1: Confirm your plan of  store and start using it 

in the upper right corner of the store backstage, go to "Hello, OOO" > "My Subscription & Billing" to view the store's plans and modules.

  1. If you see the screen below, there are "Paid" and "Module" in the "Plan Subscription" section. Please confirm whether your store has a "CRM - Credits" module. If so, you can go to step 2 to set it up.

  2. If you see the screen as below, the "Plan" in the "Current Plan" is Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, or Enterprise. Please confirm whether your store has a "O2O/Enterprise".

    If so, please go to "App" > "App Store" in the left menu to install the features.

Step2: Go to the member points page 

Go to Customer Management > Member Points, where you can establish your points earning rule.



Step3: Points earning rule 

a. Dollar to points convert rate:

For example $10=1 point, customers will get 10 points when they spend 100 dollars on an order. 


b. Points Expiry Date:

Set up an expiry date for member points, the points that members earned will expire on the expiry date next year.

For example, If the expiry date is 12/31. The points earned on 2020/12/4 will expire on 2021/12/31.


c.Points Assign Day:

Points will be assigned to members, after X days from the order delivery status changed to "Collected" (For TCAT delivery, the status is "Arrived")

For example, the rule is to assign points 3 days after the delivery status of the order turned collected. If one order is created on 11/29, and the status of the order changed to “collected” on 12/1, then the member will receive the points on 12/4. (12/1+3 days)


d. Points Rule:

You can draft points rules with languages that your shop supports. The rules will be displayed at Member Center > Member Points in the storefront. We strongly suggest you list out and explain the point earring rules in details to your customers.


After everything is set, don't forget the most important step, click the "Update" button to save your changes.


2. Redeem points to cash rule setting 

With this function on, customers can apply the points they have earned to get a more discounted price on the order. Merchants can set the rules for converting points to cash, and set the conditions and limitations for points redemption.



  • Redeem to Cash: Set the points to cash conversion rule. E.g. Every 10 points = 1 dollar discount.  
  • Apply point discount condition: Set the minimum purchase for the point discount. E.g., customers only redeem the points for orders over $200
  • The maximum amount of points discount: Set the maximum amount of point discount in fixed numbers(in $) or a percentage. E.g. the merchant has set the maximum amount of points discount at 50 dollars. When the customer applies points discount on the checkout page, they can only enter a number of points lower than 500 since the points to cash rule is set at every 10 points to 1 dollar.

*Note: Products that are non-applicable to order-level discount will also be excluded from the point discount. (more information about products that are not applicable to order-level discount, please refer to the Faq - Exclude products from order-level discount)


3. Add points to the customer account 

a. Manual Assign Points 

Go to "Customer Management" >> "Customers" >> Clink on "View" for customers you wish to give points to, then go to the Member Points section, click on "Assign Points" 

Merchants can add or deduct(by entering a negative number) the points for customers here. The reason for adding or deducting points field is required.

*Note: The reason for the change will be shown to the customers at their member center. A notification letter will also be sent to the customer when the number of points is increased (no notification letter will be sent when the number of points is decreased), please be sure to confirm and then click on Save.

When assigning points, a prompt window will appear with checkbox options for [Send email] and [Send SMS] at the bottom.

  • [Send email] This will send an email notification to those customers that have provided an email address. If a customer does not have an email address, this option will not be available and the field will display "OFF".
  • [Send SMS] This will send an SMS notification to those customers that have provided a phone number. If a customer does not have a phone number, this option will not be available and the field will display "OFF".

*Please note: Sending an SMS will incur a monthly charge. 




b. Bulk Assign Points (deducting points in bulk action is currently not supported)

Go to "Customer Management" >> "Customers", select customers that you want to assign points to, click on "Bulk Actions" and select "Add points"



Enter the number of points and the reason for adding points in the pop-up. (All fields are required)

*Note: Merchants cannot undo the action after the member points have been assigned, so please be sure to confirm before clicking Save.


When assigning points, a prompt window will appear with checkbox options for [Send email] and [Send SMS] at the bottom.

  • [Send email] This will send an email notification to those customers that have provided an email address.
  • [Send SMS] This will send an SMS notification to those customers that have provided a phone number.

    *Please note:
    Sending an SMS will incur a monthly charge. 
    The system does not provide the option of only selecting customers with verified phone numbers.



In addition, if merchants have the mobile sign up feature, please choose whether to send an additional paid text message to notify customers.



4. Storefront Checkout Page & Member center page

a. Customers are able to apply points on the order when the condition meets the merchant’s requirements.

Note: the calculation of the applied discounts follows certain orders as “discounts” >> “applied credits” >> “applied points”. 


Just click on “Applied Point Discount” and enter the number of points you wish to apply. If customers input 0 and click “Apply”, no points will be applied to this order.



When you enter the checkout page, you can enter the number of points and see the balance of your points at the same time.



b. View the member points tab in the member center 

Customers can view their points in the member center in the storefront. Once logged in, click on "My Account" and go to the "Member Points" tab to view the total number of points currently held, cash equivalent, the expiry date of points held, rules for converting points, and points usage history.



5. View member points record 

a. Check members' points record

In Customer Management > Customer List, click the "View" button to check member's information, scroll to the bottom you will see the point balance and the expiry date.



b. View Logs

You can see every added and deducted records in the log, you can also see who made the changes.



c. View the member points setting log 

You can view all the changes regarding point rule setting, points redemption condition setting, who made the changes and when they were made will be recorded in the Activity Log.




d. Export order report including member points

Go to Order Management > Orders > click “More Actions” > "Export Order Report", merchants can select the required fields for exporting.




6. Remarks

  • Currently, customers can't earned points through orders created by POS.
  • While calculate the points earned in order, only the subtotal amount is counted. (Delivery fee, additional fee and discounts are not counted).
  • After the application is uninstalled, when customer pickup the order created before uninstallation they will still received points.
  • Staff with "customer management" authentication, can only view the points information. Only staff with "member points" authentication can assign points to customers.
  • Edit the amount of the order will change the points earned, but the send date and expiry date will remain the same at the time the order is created.
  • When customer use the points to redeem gift, the points with a closer expiry date will be used first.
  • When customer earned points, they will receive an email notification. 
  • Member points only applies exclusively to members, members must be logged in during checkout to be entitled to get points. If the customer ticks "I want to become a member" during checkout, he/she will not be considered as logged in and thus, even if the order amount meets minimum purchase condition, the customer will not receive member points.



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