Member Points


With this Member Points feature, you can give points to your members that they can redeem for cash! This allows merchants to create an effective member engagement strategy that increases customer loyalty.


1. Set up the point-earning rule

Step 1. Confirm your plan of store

In the upper right corner of the store backstage, go to [Hello, OOO] > [My Subscription & Billing] to view the store's plans and modules.

  1. If you see the screen below, there are "Paid" and "Module" in the "Plan Subscription" section. Please confirm whether your store has a "CRM - Credits" module. If so, you can go to Step 2 to set it up.

  2. If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store has an "O2O/Enterprise".

    If so, please go to [Apps] > [Apps Store] and install the Member Points app. 

Step 2. Go to the Member Points page 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Member Points] to set up your store's points-earning rules. Turn ON the toggle button for member points.



Step 3. Points earning rule

A. Spend-to-points exchange rate

For example, if $10=1 point, customers will get 10 points when they spend $100 on an order. 



B. Points Expiry Date

  • Set an expiry date for member points or set it "Never Expired". By default, points earned in a year will be expired in the next year.
  • For example, the merchant has set the expiration date on 12/31 and the assign day as 3 days. If a customer places an order on November 29, 2019, after the delivery is completed on December 1, 2019 and the delivery status of the order is changed to "Collected/Arrived", the customer will receive points on December 4, 2019, and the points will expire on December 31, 2020 (1 year after).
  • Merchants can set member points to be "never expire". Customers' new points obtained after this setting will no longer have an expiry date. Points offered before the setting will still be bound to the expiry date. Customers can check their points in the Member Points tab in the Member Center.



C. [Coming Soon] Available Channel

Merchants can select whether members can earn membership points by making a purchase at retail stores. The system defaults that both online and retail stores are available for earning points. In case the merchant does not wish to offer member points for customers spending at retail stores, click and uncheck the box for "Retail Store". 



  • This feature is only available when the member points toggle is ON. 
  • This feature currently only supports a) E-commerce + Retail POS; b) Social Commerce + Retail POS; or c) E-commerce + Social Commerce + Retail POS plans.
  • Any change to the settings will be recorded in the activity log as shown below:



D. Points Assign Day

Set up the number of days to assign points after the order delivery status has changed to "Arrived/Collected".

For example, you have set up a rule to assign points 3 days after an order changed "Collected" or "Arrived". If an order is created on 11/29, and the status of the is changed to "Collected" or
"Arrived" on 12/1, then the member will receive the points on 12/4. (i.e. 12/1 +3 days).



E. Points Rule

Merchants can set up the store support language in [Settings] > [Basic Settings], they fill in the point rules in the supporting language. The rules will be shown in the Member Points tab under the Member Center at the storefront. It's recommended that you list out and explain the point earning rules in detail to your customers. mceclip9.png

After everything is set, don't forget the most important step, click the Update button to save your changes.


2. Point Redeem to Cash setup

With this function enabled, customers can convert earned points into a cash discount on their order. Merchants can set the rules for converting points to cash, and set the conditions and limitations for redeeming points.


  • Redeem to Cash: Set the points-to-cash conversion rule, e.g.: Every 10 points = $1.
  • Apply point discount condition: Set the minimum purchase for the point discount, e.g.: customers only redeem the points for orders over $200.
  • The maximum amount of points discount: Set the maximum discount amount a customer can redeem using points either in a currency amount or a percentage. 


  • The maximum account of point discount means the maximum amount of cash deductible instead of points. Since each store has different points conversion, merchants should set it according to the redeem conversion rule.
  • Products that are excluded from order-level discounts will also be excluded from the point discount. For more information about products that are not applicable to order-level discounts, please see: Exclude product from order-level discount.


3. Assign points to customers 

a. Manually assign points 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Customers]. Click View next to the customers you wish to assign points, then go to Member Points and click Assign Points.  


Merchants can add or deduct (by entering a negative number) the points for customers here. The reason for adding or deducting points field is required.

*Note: After adding/deducting member points, merchants cannot delete or modify the record. A record for the points change will be shown to the customers at their Member Center. Please confirm before clicking "Save". EN___.png

When manually assigning points, a prompt window will appear with checkbox options for Send Email and Send SMS at the bottom. Also can click "Preview" to check the content you're going to send out.

  • [Send Email] This will send an email notification to those customers that have provided an email address. If a customer does not have an email address, this option will not be available and the field will appear OFF.
  • [Send SMS] This will send an SMS notification to those customers that have provided a phone number. If a customer does not have a phone number, this option will not be available and the field will appear OFF.

*Note: Sending an SMS will incur a monthly charge, max. of 160 English characters or a mix of 70 English and Chinese characters are allowed per SMS. A message with characters exceeding the limit will be sent out with more than 1 SMS.


Preview Page

  1. Preview E-mail content

  2. Preview SMS content 


b. Bulk Assign Points (bulk deducting points is not currently supported)

Go to [Customer Management] > [Customers] and check the boxes next to the customers that you want to assign points to. Click on the Bulk Actions dropdown menu and select Add points.



Enter the number of points and the reason for adding points in the pop-up. (All fields are required)

Note: Merchants cannot undo the action after the member points have been assigned, so please be sure to confirm before clicking "Save".


When bulk assigning points, a prompt window will appear with checkbox options for Send Email and Send SMS at the bottom. You can also click Preview to check the content of the message to be sent out. Please refer to Preview Page.

  • [Send Email] This will send an email notification to those customers that have provided an email address.
  • [Send SMS] This will send an SMS notification to those customers that have provided a phone number.


  • Sending an SMS will incur a monthly charge, max. of 160 English characters, or a mix of 70 English and Chinese characters are allowed per SMS. A message with characters exceeding the limit will be sent out with more than 1 SMS.
  • Sending messages to customers with verified phone numbers is no longer available.


4. [Storefront] Checkout page & Member Center page

A. At checkout

Customers are able to apply points and view the remaining points in their order on the checkout page.

Under the maximum amount limit and point discount rule, the system will deduct the maximum amount of points by default.

To change the amount of points to be deducted:

1. Click on Applied Point Discount

2. Enter the number of points you wish to apply (If customers input 0 and click Apply, no points will be applied to this order)

3. The total amount will be recalculated. 


For example, click Applied Point Discount and enter 200 in the box, then click Apply. The system will calculate and convert the point to the cash amount ($20). There are 600 points remaining. 

If the customer does not want to use the point, just enter 0 and click Apply.e3.png

If the entered point amount is not a multiple of the discount unit, the system will automatically recalculate.

For example, 

The discount rule is $1 for every 10 points. If you enter 15 points, 10 points will be automatically applied, and 20 points if enter "23" points; if you enter less than 10 points, a prompt "At least 10 points must be entered" will appear.



B. Calculation of the order amount 

Item Subtotal: Sum of (Unit Price x Quantity).

Discount Applied: The sum of the discounts that have been applied (free shipping not included).

Applied Store Credits: The calculation is based on the rule set by the merchant and the amount of members’ store credits.

Applied Point Discount: The calculation is based on the rule set by the merchant and the amount of member’s points convertible to cash. 

Delivery Fee: The delivery fee amount, or free shipping.

Total = Item Subtotal - Discount Applied - Applied Store Credits - Applied Point Discount + Delivery Fee


*The application of member points will be determined based on the order subtotal after deducting the discount and store credits.
For example, 
Point discount rule: When the order reaches $200, the point discount limit is $50.
After deducting the discount and the store credits, if the subtotal reaches the limit of $200, customers can bring in their member points for further discount.


*If the maximum amount of point discount for each order is set to X% of the total amount, the decimal point in the discount of points will be rounded up.

For example,

The maximum amount of point discount is 20% per order. The customer's order amount is $226 (after deducting discounts and store credits) = 226*20%= $45.2

This point discount will be rounded up to the value of $46 equivalent to points. (Given the point redeem rule is $1 for every 10 points, so $46 is equivalent to 460 points.)


C. View the member points tab in Member Center 

Customers can view their points in the member center in the storefront. Once logged in, click on [My Account] and go to the [Member Points] tab to view the total number of points available, the expiry date (and points that never expire), rules for converting points, and points usage history.



5. Member Points record

A. Check members' points record

Go to [Customer Management] > [Customers] and click View to check a member's information. Scroll to the bottom of the window you will see the points balance, the expiry date. 

If there are points gained after setting up "member points never expired", the newly gained member points will be listed separately.



You can see records of added and deducted points in the log, as well as who made the changes.



B. View the member point setting log 

In the activity log, merchants can view all the changes in the point rule setting, points redemption condition, expiry date settings, the person in charge of the changes, date, and time.




C. Export order report including member points

Go to [Order Management] > [Orders]. Click the More Actions button and select Export Order Report. Merchants can select the fields they wish to export according to their needs.



6. Completed status by provider/delivery option

Member points will be applied after the Delivery Status of an order is changed to final. The assignment of member points depends on the Point Assign Day interval set by merchants.

The final delivery status will be different depending on whether an order is delivered directly to a customer (Arrived) or picked up by a customer (Collected). This depends on the logistics provider and delivery option used for an order. For more details, please see below:  

Delivery options with the final delivery status "Arrived":

  • Tcat (delivery) 
  • HCT Logistics (delivery)
  • Non-integrated delivery options
  • 7-11 cross-border (delivery) 
  • SF Express (integrated) Delivery type: Express
  • Ninja Van 
  • Kerry Express
  • Zeek2door (delivery)
  • YUN Express 
  • International/domestic post 
  • GHTK
  • China to Malaysia/Thailand/Taiwan specialist logistics options (delivery) 

Delivery options with the final delivery status "Collected":

  • Custom shipping/ Custom return 
  • Pick-up in store
  • 7-11 C2C/B2C/C2B FMT-only emap (non-integrated)
  • FamilyMart C2C/B2C FMT-only emap (non-integrated)
  • FamilyMart B2C - Refrigerated 
  • ezShip convenience store pickup (C.O.D.) 
  • 7-11 cross-border (non-C.O.D.)
  • SF Express (integrated) Delivery type: Pickup
  • Alfred Smart Locker
  • Zeek2door (pickup)
  • HOP!
  • China-Taiwan specialist logistics (pickup) 


7. Notes

  • Customers can earn points through orders created by Kiosk/POS, yet POS App doesn't support the point redeem to cash feature currently.
  • When calculating the points earned in order, only the subtotal amount is counted. (Delivery fee, payment fee, member points, and discounts are not counted).
  • When the membership point rules are set, the order will be bound to the point rules set in the Admin. After the application is uninstalled, when customers pick up the order created before uninstallation, as long as the order is not "Cancelled" + "Collected"/ "Arrived", they will still receive points.
  • Orders that are created but yet to change their delivery status to "Collected" or "Arrived" will not trigger to give out the member points. The assignment will not be found in the Point History. The assignment history will only appear in the Point History when the delivery status changes to "Collected" or "Arrived" and the points are assigned.
  • Staff with access permission to Customer Management" can only view the points information. Only staff with permission to access Member Points can assign points to customers.
  • Editing the amount of the order will change the points earned, but the assign date and expiry date will remain the same at the time the order is created.
  • When customers use the points to redeem gifts, the points with a closer expiry date will be used first.
  • When customers earned points (by creating orders or assigned manually by merchants), they will receive an email notification. If the SMS feature is enabled, customers will also receive SMS notifications.

    Note: If the SMS feature is enabled, SHOPLINE will charge you a monthly fee for sending SMS. Please go to the Admin > [Settings] > [Custom Notification] to enable/disable the SMS feature. For details of the feature please read Custom Notification.

  • Member points only apply exclusively to members, members must be logged in during checkout to be entitled to get points. If the customer ticks "I want to become a member" during checkout, they will not be considered as logged in and thus, even if the order amount meets the minimum purchase condition, the customer will not receive member points.






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