Member Points


With this Member Points feature, you can give points to your members and let them redeem gifts with it! Create effective member engagement strategy to increase your member royalty now!

 *You need to install "Member Points" in "Apps > Apps Store" before you start setting up. 


How to setup a points earning rule

Step 1. Go to Member Points page

Go to Customer Management > Member Points, where you can setup the earning rule.



Step 2. Setup Earning Rules

A. Exchange Rate:

Base on your strategy, you can decide how many points your members could get when their orders meet the set amount.

For example, if you setup a rule "Every 10 dollars earned 1 point". Your customer will get 100 points when they spent 1000 dollars in an order. 


B. Points Expiry Date:

You can setup a expiry date for member points, the points member earned will expire at the date next year.

For example, If the expiry date us 12/31. The points member earned at 2019/12/4 will expire at 2020/12/31.


C.Points Assign Day:

Points will be assigned to members, after the days you setup count from the order delivery status is changed to "Collected" (For TCAT the status is "Arrived")

For example, If the rule is to assign points 3 days after order is collected. A member create an order at 11/29,at 12/1 the order's delivery status is changed to "Collected", the member will receive the points at 12/4.


D. Points Rule:

You can draft points rules with languages that your store support. The rules will display at Member Center > Member Points in storefront. We highly recommend you to provide rules with details to your member.


After everything is set, don't forget the most important step, click the "Update" button to save your changes.


How to setup a gift redeem campaign

Step 1. Go to Points Campaign Page

After the rule is setup, go to Sales & Promotions > Points Campaign,this is the page where you can check all your Points Campaign. Click on the Add button to create a new campaign.



Step 1. Go to Points Campaign Page

A. Campaign Name

You can name the campaign in different languages. 

B.Preset Publish / Unpublished Time

You can set the start and end date of the campaign, if you don't assign an end date the campaign will never expires.

Note: Start/End date is based on the Country/ Region in Settings > Basic Settings. For cross border merchant please aware that it might not be the same time at the country you sale your products.

C. Select Gifts

First you need to create gifts in Products & Categories > Free Gifts, then you can select gifts that members can redeem in this campaign. 


D. Promotion Terms & Conditions

You can draft campaign's terms & policies with languages that your store support. The rules will display in storefront. We highly recommend you to provide terms & policies with details to your member.

E. Promotion Banner

You can add a banner for this campaign and it will display at the top of the promotion page. Only JPG/PNG format is allowed and the size should be less than 1920 x 400 px.



1. Campaigns' valid date range cannot overlap.

2. The products order in storefront is base on gifts created date (from latest to oldest)


Step 3. Check Your Campaign Page

In the campaign page your customers will see the campaign banner at the top, followed by campaign informations, including valid date, member's points and terms and conditions.

Your customers can check how many points they used in the cart at bottom, the cart will only display gifts in this page.



How to check points record

1. Check members' points record

In Customer Management > Customer List, click "View" button to check member's information, scroll to the bottom you will see the member's point balance and expiry dates.


A. View Logs

You can see every added and deducted records in the log, you can also see who made the changes.


B. Assign Points

Merchants can also add or deduct(by entering a negative number) the points for customers here.



2. Customer can check member points record in storefront

Go to My Account > Member Points, member can check their own points balance and records.


Extend Reading

  • While calculate the points earned in order, only the subtotal amount is counted. (Delivery fee, additional fee and discounts are not counted).
  • After the application is uninstalled, when customer pickup the order created before uninstallation they will still received points.
  • Staff with "customer management" authentication, can only view the points information. Only staff with "member points" authentication can assign points to customers.
  • Edit the amount of the order will change the points earned, but the send date and expiry date will remain the same at the time the order is created.
  • When customer use the points to redeem gift, the points with a closer expiry date will be used first.
  • Currently, customers can't earned points through orders created by POS.
  • When customer earned points, they will receive an email notification. 



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