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SHOPLINE POS can do more than just process sales in a physical store. It also lets you integrate transaction records, customer, inventory, and sale information into the same backend system as your e-commerce store. 

In this article, you'll learn how to 


1. Add a product to cart

Step 1. Go to the checkout tab

Select Checkout from the menu on the left.



Step 2. Put the product into cart

*Note: The product price will be displayed in the following order. When a price for the previous rank is not set, the next-ranked price will be displayed, and so on.

Product price display order: [Coming Soon] Store-specific price > Retail store price > Sale price > Regular price

Tap the product or scan the product's barcode to put it in the cart on the right. Or, tap the "search" icon on the top right to search a product by product name, barcode number, SKU, tag, or supplier name. 



There are three ways for staff members to add products to the cart:

  1. Tap the product to add it to the cart; the product will appear in the cart on the right.
    • [Coming Soon] New interface for products with variationsIf a product has multiple variations, you have to select its variations respectively before adding it to the cart. For example, select a size, fabric, or color for clothing.EN_______UI.PNG

  2. Scan the product barcode, and the product will appear in the cart on the right.

    *Note: If the barcode is a member barcode or other non-product barcode, a prompt reminder will pop up showing "The barcode does not correspond to the product". (This feature currently only supports Android users using v1.16.0 or above.)

    • If it is a member barcode, tap Search Customer to access the member information.
    • If it is a valid coupon barcode, tap Apply Promotion to apply the discount.android_wrongproductcode.png

  3. Tap the "search" icon at the top right, search the product by product name, barcode, SKU, and other information in the search bar, and add it to the cart.

A product will not be added to the shopping cart when you tap on the "Search mode" and scan the product barcode. The product will instead appear in the search result window.

  • How to enter Search mode:searchmodeEN1.jpg
  • Scan product barcode in Search mode:searchmodeEN2.jpg


To add products to the shopping cart, tap Cancel to return to the checkout window and scan the barcode.



Step 3. Edit quantity and price

Tap and hold on to an item in the shopping cart, and a pop-up window will appear to adjust the quantity and set whether to give discounts to the specified product. Please refer to 2. Apply discounts below for more details.


To delete a product in the shopping cart, swipe the item to the left and tap Delete.



2. Apply discounts 

A. To a particular product 

Tap on the product in the cart and select Add discount.



The discount types are

Custom: You will find the discount offers created in the [Retail Store] > [Discount Options] in the Admin. Please refer to Custom Discount | POS Admin for details.

% price: When applying a percentage discount, you need to enter the remaining percentage, not the discount amount. For example, for a 20% off discount, please enter "80." 

Cash: Enter the discount name and discount amount.



After confirming the discount amount, the cart will show the product's original and sale price and the discount campaign's name. 

*Notes: Please refer to POS Promotions for a detailed process of applying discounts.


B. To the whole order

Tap Add Discount to select the discount type as instructed above.

*Note: There is a limit of five discounts per order. 



3. Add/ select customer information 

Tap Add customer in the cart to create a new customer profile or search for an existing one.

  • To create new customer information, please refer to How to Add Customer | POS app
  • You can search for an existing customer profile using the customer's name, email, or phone number. You can also search it by member barcode.



To remove or reselect a customer, swipe left on the customer record in the cart, then tap Delete.

*Note: If you do not add the customer to the order on the app, the "Customer Information" will be left blank in the Order Details in the SHOPLINE Admin > [Order Management] > [Order] > POS tab. 



Member price and member tier price

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Product Settings] > [POS]. Switch on the toggle for "Set store-specific prices for products". When you add a customer during checkout on the POS app, the product price will prioritize displaying the member tier price and member price (member tier price > member price).


The product "Roman Camomile Essential Oil" has the following prices set:

  • Regular price: $590
  • Member price: $570
  • Member tier price - VIP: $550
  • Member tier price - Premium member price: $500

When you add a VIP member during checkout, the product will be priced at the VIP price - $550.




4. Selecting payment option(s) for checkout

A. General payment options

After checking the order information is correct, tap the green button at the bottom of the cart to begin the payment process. 



You will then see the following fields on the right-hand side: 

  • Sales: The staff member making the sale. To select a different staff member, tap the current staff member's name or the three dots on the right.
  • Tax ID No.: Tap Input Tax ID to enter if needed. 
  • Payment: Choose between cash, credit card, or any custom payment types you have previously added. Customers can pay using up to 5 different payment types.



Operation steps for selecting one or multiple payment options:

1. If the customer uses one payment method, after selecting the payment method, the amount payable will appear next to the selected payment option. Tap the amount field (shown in the red box) to enter the actual amount paid by the customer, and tap the green "Checkout" button below to complete the checkout process.

For example, if the customer pays a $500 bill, the staff can enter "500" next to "Cash." The changed amount of $75 will appear at the bottom. 




2. If the customer wants to pay in more than two ways, the staff can tap the first payment method and then tap the Add Payment button to add the rest of the payment options.

In the example below, the staff first selects Cash as the initial payment option to pay $100 of a $325 subtotal, then taps Add Payment and select "Credit card" for the second payment method to settle the $325 remainder. Tap Checkout to complete the process.




B. SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options

*Note: Currently, this feature only supports Hong Kong and Taiwan merchants.

You can select the SHOPLINE Payments Options that have been added in the store Admin on the POS app.


C. Multi-payment options

*This feature is only available for merchants using the POS app iOS v.1.50.0 or Android v1.28.0, and above.

You can use both SHOPLINE Payments options and general payment options simultaneously during checkout. After selecting the first payment option and edit the amount payable, you can add another payment option right away. In the same order, you can choose the following payment combinations:

  • 1 SHOPLINE Payments option+ 1 ~ 4 general payment options (5 payment options in total)
  • 1 ~ 5  general payment options (5 payment options in total)


*Notes: For a more detailed introduction, please refer to the following FAQs.


5. Add order remarks

Tap the icon below "Note" to add order remarks for internal use quickly.

The staff can choose to use an existing quick note template or add a new one.







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