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Note: This feature is exclusive for merchants using the "Promotions" module and the "Retail POS" plan. This feature is not applicable to free gifts or affiliate campaigns. 

For O2O merchants, SHOPLINE will soon release a discount campaign combination that can be synchronized between online stores and retail stores. Merchants can add more varied discount campaigns such as bundle price, bundle group pricing, and coupons.


In this article, you'll find:


1. How to apply the discount and coupon code on POS APP

Step 1

Select Checkout on the left menu of the POS APP.



Step 2

After selecting the product for checkout and add a new customer, the staff can choose "Coupon Code" or "Apply Promotion" to offer a discount.

A. Apply Promotion

Click "Apply Discount" and the system will automatically bring in the corresponding discount.
There will be three factors affecting the discount result as follows:

  1. Customers in the shopping cart - will decide whether there is a "membership discount".
  2. The quantity and amount of goods in the shopping cart - will determine the discount amount from the bundle and the promotion.
  3. Promotion code - will determine whether there are additional discounts, as shown in the figure below.3.jpg

B. Coupon Code

Enter the coupon code and click the Apply Promotion button. (You can confirm the code from the Admin background)

  1. Apply successfully - The name and amount of the applied discount will be displayed directly in the Subtotal block.
  2. Apply unsuccessfully - A prompt box for the cause of the error will pop up.


  • A shopping cart can apply multiple sets of coupon codes.
  • Regardless of whether the application is successful or unsuccessful, the coupon code will be cleared from the input field.


Applied discount

After applying the discount, the following information will appear:

  • Promotion name and event name applied to the product

  • A shopping cart can apply up to 5 custom discounts to the entire order.
  • Under the Subtotal, names and amounts of all successfully applied discounts will be displayed. Tap the Applied Promotion to see all the discounts applied.

  • The "Applied Promotion" under the Subtotal shows the sum of all the amounts of the applied discounts, excluding the coupon code.


2. How to remove applied discount or coupon code

Remove applied discount

  • Automatically
    1. Any changes of customers' information in the shopping cart: adding new customers, changing customers in the shopping cart, removing customers.
    2. Any changes to the products in the shopping cart: adding new products, removing products, changing the quantity of products, changing the price of the products, adding custom discounts for the products, and changing the products to return products.
    3. Discounts will be cleared automatically after doing the actions above. Click the Apply Discount button again to reapply the discount.
  • Manually
    1. Remove the applied discount by swiping the bar to the left.
    2. When the discount is removed, the applied coupon code will also be removed.

Remove coupon code

  • Remove the applied coupon code by swiping the bar to the left.
  • The coupon code can be removed separately, and the discount amount will be recalculated every time it is removed.



3. Remarks

  • If the original product has already applied a customized price, the customized price will be cleared when the discount is successfully applied.
  • Situations where the "Apply Promotion" feature cannot be used are as follows:
    1. The POS APP is offline
    2. There are returned items in the shopping cart
    3. When the product is excluded from store-wise discounts, the discounts will not be automatically applied, but the store credits and POS APP custom discounts will not be affected.
    4. There are multiple prices for the same product or variation in the shopping cart (due to the customized price feature as shown below)



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