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From the merchant's perspective, it is crucial to building a customer details database for sending out subsequent marketing promotions.

Customers who purchase in online stores or retail stores will leave information in the system. The POS system can integrate all online and offline customer information for you, making it more convenient for you and your staff to view it in real time and plan related marketing campaigns.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Inquire customer information

Tap Customer on the left menu of the POS app.


You can search for customer information by their name, phone number, or email address. You can also search members by scanning the member barcode.



After tapping the customer window on the left, the "Customer Details" page will display the customer's name, birthday, phone number, address, (email) address, gender, membership tier, total spent amount, credit balance, and their option for receiving promotional messages. 

Expand the Total Spend row, you can find customers' accumulated amounts in retail stores, online stores, and Smart OMO.

*Note: The total spend amount is updated every hour.



2. Edit customer information

Tap Edit to pop up the Edit window. You can change the customer's name, phone number, email address, birthday, gender, delivery address, remarks, tags, membership tier, and preference to receive email updates and promotions.



After editing, tap the Save button at the upper right to save the changed customer information.


*Note: The POS app customer address field can save 5 sets of addresses. It is synchronized with the "delivery address" field on the customer information page in the Admin panel.



3. Inquire customer order record 

Under Order Placed, merchants can check the customer's transaction record in the retail store, including the order number, date and time of creation, order status, etc.


If you need to query a specific order based on the customer's order record, tap the order record to view the sales in charge, customer name, e-invoice number, uniform number, note, order details, and payment information.
If the order is a preorder and the payment is yet to be settled, it is shown "Partially Paid".



Tap the preorder to see the list of products reserved and the payment status.



4. Remarks when POS app is offline

  • You cannot add a new customer with the POS app when it is offline. A reminder stating "Unable to create customer and show membership info when offline" will appear at the bottom of the window.10.jpg


  • When offline, the POS app customer search feature will only capture and display active users who have updated customer information within six months.11.jpg


  • When offline, the POS app customer list will not display the membership tier and cannot edit customer details.12.jpg


  • When offline, you cannot add and edit tags and notes in the POS app customer details.
    • The "notes" and "customer tags" buttons will be disabled. 13.jpg
    • A reminder of "Unable to edit tag when offline" will appear under Customer Tags. 14.jpg


  • When offline, the customer details of the POS app will not display the credit balance, total spend, and membership tier.15.jpg






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