Checkout with Octopus in Retail Store (HK)

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*This feature only supports HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants using the Retail POS plan.
*Octopus can only be processed with the Global Payments terminal (A920),

With the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment options, customers can easily checkout with more payment options, increasing merchant checkout completion rates. This article will introduce the checkout process with Octopus at Hong Kong stores.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Checkout with Octopus

Step 1. Select product

Go to the Checkout tab on the POS app. Select the product and tap the green button at the bottom to check out.



Step 2. Select payment method

Select the Octopus payment option you set in the Admin.



Step 3. Select terminal

Tap on the Octopus payment option to select the terminal.





  • Please keep the terminal connected to the network; otherwise, the checkout will fail.
  • If your retail store only has one terminal, the system will automatically select it as the payment terminal.
  • When using the Global Payments terminal, you should match the terminal IP with your iPad IP for it to work properly. If you are using a floating IP, please modify the IP address in the Admin to avoid payment errors. In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Retail Store] > [Terminal Management] and select the terminal. Then, click the pencil icon next to the terminal IP to modify.


Step 4. Preorder/checkout

Tap Preorder or Checkout on the bottom right.



Step 5. Payment by customer

Once the terminal is connected to the POS app, you can complete the remaining payment process on the terminal.

*Note: Please keep the terminal connected to the network; otherwise, the checkout will fail.


Once the terminal displays the payment amount, you can have the customers swipe, insert, or tap their Octopus card. After the payment is processed, you can select whether to print out the receipt. The terminal will return to the main menu after the payment is completed.



Step 6. Payment results

i. Successful payment

If the payment is successful, it will display a successful sign.



ii. Failed payment

If the payment fails, it will display an error sign. You can tap Reinitiate payment to retry the payment on the POS app.



  • As the top-up limit for the Octopus card is 3000 HKD, you will be unable to pay with Octopus for orders over 3000 HKD.

  • You cannot use Octipus for payment if the product price has 2 decimal places. You can go to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Checkout] and switch on the toggle for "Apply Rounding Mechanism to Checkout Total Amount."



2. Cancel payment/ order during payment process

Unpaid orders or orders with failed payments can be cancelled from the POS app. When the payment is cancelled, the original order will not be cancelled. You can go to the "Orders" tab to cancel the order or reinitiate payment.

Payment/ order cancellation procedures for orders paid by Octopus are the same as that of the orders paid by credit cards. For related operational details, please refer to here.



3. Change payment methods when reinitiating the payment (Android version)

If payment errors occur, you can reinitiate the payment and change the payment method.

For more details on terminal settlement, please refer to here.



4. Settlement (Global Payments terminal)

⚠️ Note: Only the Global Payments terminal requires settlement.

After the terminal is settled, the terminal provider will process the payments and transfer the funds into the merchant's bank account within the appointed time. Global Payments recommends merchants settle their terminals once a day.
*Note: Octopus orders are settled automatically. Merchants don't need to settle them on terminals.

For more details on terminal settlement, please refer to here.


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