Auto-unpublish Out-of-Stock Products

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*Note: This feature is only available for Taiwan/ Hong Kong/ Malaysia stores.

The "Auto-unpublish Out-of-Stock Products" app can automatically unpublish out-of-stock products, allowing you to focus on showcasing in-stock flagship products in your store, boosting customer experience and sales.

Once the app is installed, the system will automatically unpublish the sold-out products (when the quantity shows 0) from the store's pages and menu to prevent out-of-stock products from being displayed, providing customers with a streamlined website.

This app is suitable and helpful for stores that

  • Have a wide variety of products and product variants, with over 50 different options available.
  • Have numerous hot-selling, limited-edition items.
  • Have products with limited inventory.


This article will cover the following.


1. App installation

Step 1. Go to Apps Store

Go to Admin > [Apps] > [Apps Store], click open the "Filter" drop-down menu at the top right, and check "Store Management."

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Step 2. Install the app

Find the "Auto-unpublish Out-of-Stock Products" app and click on Install Now to proceed.

For more information on app installation, please refer to Apps Store.

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Step 3. Install and authorize

Next, continue with the authorization of relevant permissions. Upon completion, check the privacy terms and conditions box and then click Install & authorize.

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2. Instructions

In the two scenarios below, if the system detects 0 inventory for products in the online store, the out-of-stock products will be automatically hidden from the storefront and unpublished in Admin.

  • After a customer places an order, the product is sold out and the remaining quantity in the online store is 0.
  • Merchants navigate to Admin > [Products & Categories] > [Products] and update the quantity of the product to 0.

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  • The system conducts an automatic check every 10 minutes.
  • This feature applies to all categories of products in the entire store, and you are not allowed to exclude certain products from automatic checks.
  • When restocking, the system will not automatically publish the unpublished products; you need to manually publish them in the online store.


3. Notes

Unsupported product types:

  • If the "Accept Orders When Out of Stock" feature is enabled for a product and the inventory is 0, the system will not remove the product from the storefront. The product will still be displayed on the online store's pages.

  • Product Set:
    • If any product within a product set is unpublished, it will still be displayed on the details page of the product set.
    • For more details about Product Set, please refer to this article.

  • Preorder Product:
    • If the pre-order product is in "unlimited supply," even if the existing inventory is sold out and the inventory turns negative, the online store can still accept unlimited orders, and the product will be displayed on the online store's pages.
    • If the pre-order product has a "pre-order limit," even if the existing inventory and the maximum quantity available for pre-order are sold out, the product will still be displayed on the online store's pages.
    • For more details about Preorder Products, please refer to this article.

  • To disable this feature, go to Admin > [Apps] > [My Apps], find the "Auto-unpublish Out-of-Stock Products" app, click the "three-dot" icon and select "Uninstall" to remove the app.
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