[Coming Soon] Accept Orders When Out of Stock

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*This feature currently does not support features related to Social Commerce. Please contact the Online Merchant Success Team to activate this feature.

After enabling this feature, the merchant can continue to sell the product in the storefront when the product inventory is zero or negative. The system will proceed to deduct the inventory, providing the solution to the unavailable orders for negative inventory. 


1. Enable the feature

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Products], click the Edit button next to the product. Select the Quantity & Pricing tab and you will see the page shown below. 




If the product has variations, go to the Variations tab.



Check the box and click Update to save the setting.


  1. If the merchant unchecks the out-of-stock order box, the out-of-stock item (primary warehouse inventory ≦ 0) will stop selling in the storefront and show “Sold out”, then the customer won’t be able to purchase the item.



Unlimited quantity product order v.s. Accept out-of-stock item order

If one product is set to unlimited quantity, the system will not calculate the inventory quantity of the product.

If one product is set to accept out-of-stock orders, which means when the product inventory is under 0 or negative, the store can still accept the order and the system will calculate the amount of inventory reduced after the customer placed the order. 

Therefore please note that these two features cannot be set at the same time since one traces inventory and the other does not. 


Change the setting to Accept order when out of stock

We have mentioned how to enable the feature, but if the merchants have set the product to Unlimited quantity before, you will need to uncheck the box of unlimited price first to see the checkbox for accepting out-of-stock item orders.



2. Admin settings

A. Edit orders

When editing product details of a confirmed order, you can add products with the accepting out-of-stock order feature by clicking Add Product


For example, 

This product has set the feature of accepting orders when out of stock. Variation A has a positive inventory so you can alter the number as you wish. To adjust the quantity of variation B, you will have to follow the steps below:


Step 1. Click Add Product.



Step 2. Select the product and click Save.



Step 3. Select the product variation, the "Accept orders when out of stock" note will show when the added product has set the feature on.



Step 4. Click the Save button to update the order information.


B. Create orders

  1. The feature currently is NOT available for selecting products with the accepting out-of-stock order feature.
  2. If you wish to add products with the accepting out-of-stock order feature into the order, you can create an order just like others and do the edit as mentioned above.  


C. Inventory management 

On the inventory management page, you can use the "Available Stock" to filter out items with inventory below 0 and manage the inventory.




D. Inventory Out-Of-Stock Notification report 

If the out-of-stock notification is on, the system will generate a report of out-of-stock items at 8:00 am and 5:00 pm every day, in which items with 0 or less inventory will be listed in the report, and a column will be added to indicate whether the item is out of stock and available for order. "Y" means on and "N" means off. 



3. Display at the storefront 

When the feature is on, and out-of-stock products are selling at the storefront, customers will be able to put an order and it will be the same as buying any other product in the store. The low inventory reminder will not show when the feature is on.



4. Notes

When an item that shares inventory with a gift or an add-on is set as an out-of-stock item, the out-of-stock item setting will not be applied to the gift or add-on. In other words, when a gift or an add-on item is out of stock, the customers will not be able to select the gift or add-on item at the storefront (even if the main item shared by the gift or add-on item has the feature "accept orders when out of stock" on.)






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