Product Bulk Actions



In order to facilitate product management, you can use "Bulk Actions" on SHOPLINE platform.

Currently bulk action supports:


A. Publish / Unpublish , Delete , Move To Other Product Categories

Step 1

Check the box(es) beside the products you want to make changes on


Step 2

Click “Bulk Actions” to select your actions from the drop down list


B. Bulk Update Payment / Delivery Option

“Products & Categories” > “Products”, select the products at the page that need changing payment or delivery options.

Click “Bulk Actions”.

The are four options in the dropdown list: add applicable payment option, exclude payment option, add applicable delivery option and exclude delivery option.



Add applicable payment / delivery option

Press "Add applicable payment / delivery option".

Select the options that need to be applied to the selected products, click “Add”.


At the upper right corner will show that options were successfully applied.

* Please note that this feature is to "add" applicable payment/delivery options. It does not change the payment/delivery options that were already applied. 



Exclude payment/delivery option

If there are payment/delivery options that need to be excluded from the selected products, please choose “Exclude payment/delivery option.”

Select the options that need to be excluded from selected products, click “Exclude”. Then the options will be successfully excluded.


Please note that after updating payment/delivery options, there should still have available option for ordering these products.

The following are some restrictions of this feature:

  1. There will be a note if some products have no payment or delivery method applicable on storefront due to the hidden ones.

  2. Merchants could not exclude all payment methods.

  3. After the exclusion setting, all the selected products must still have applicable payment and delivery method. The product with no payment or delivery method after the setting will be listed in the pop-up reminder.



When there is a promotion campaign or products with a certain payment/delivery restriction, using the bulk actions button to update their applicable or excluded options will be easier and more efficient.


Remarks: You may also upload products in bulk by importing via excel. Click here to learn how
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