Point Redeem to Cash Rules and Instructions

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To make the member point feature more flexible, SHOPLINE allows you to set "Point Redeem to Cash" rules in Admin, which include "Redeem to Cash (point-to-cash conversion rate), Apply point discount conditions (redemption condition), the maximum amount of point discount (redemption limit)," and more, offering customers a variety of discounted purchasing options.


This article will cover the following:


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Refer to the following articles for more info about member points for the POS plan.

Refer to the following articles for more info about member points:


1. Set up Point Redeem to Cash

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Customer Management] > [Member Points], switch on the "Point Redeem to Cash" toggle, and click Update.


Shortly after you switch on the toggle, you can see the fields to set up rules for Point Redeem to Cash.


i. Available Channel (Channels eligible for Point Redeem to Cash)

There are three channels available for point redemption: Online Store, Retail Store (POS), and Retail Store (Smart OMO). The "Point Redeem to Cash" feature will only apply to those whose boxes are checked.


ii. Redeem to Cash (Point-to-cash conversion rate)

The ratio for redeeming member points for cash. For example, every 10 points are redeemable against NT$1, or every 100 points are redeemable against NT$1, etc.


iii. Apply point discount condition (Point redemption condition)

Set the minimum threshold for point redemption: "No Condition" and "Total Order over."

  • No Condition: Customers can redeem points for any orders they place.
  • Total Order over: A minimum threshold (amount) is required for point redemption (e.g., Customers can only redeem points when the orders they place reach NT$200).

*Note: The system defaults to "No Condition".


iv. Maximum amount of point discount (Point redemption limit)

Set the upper limit (maximum amount) for point redemption: "Unlimited," "Fixed Amount," and "Percentage %."

  • Unlimited: There is no limit on the order amount, and customers can redeem their points without any upper limit.
  • Fixed Amount: A fixed amount as the maximum redemption limit is required, which indicates that regardless of the order amount, the redemption can only go up to this specified value (e.g., If the fixed amount is set as NT$50, then the maximum redemption quota is NT$50 whether the order total is NT$100 or NT$1000).
  • Percentage %: A percentage as the maximum redemption limit is required, which indicates that the points available for redemption will be based on the order amount (e.g., If the percentage is set as 10%, then when the order total is NT$50, the maximum redemption quota would be NT$5).

*Note: The system defaults to "Unlimited".


2. Discount allocation for split orders with Point Redeem to Cash

In the event of order splitting, the system will automatically allocate the member points separately to each parent order (original order) and child order (suborder) for individual redemption.

For more information on discount allocation using Point Redeem to Cash, please refer to How to Allocate Discounts When Splitting Orders and Discounts Allocation.


3. Apply Point Redeem to Cash at checkout

i. Checkout for members

Upon entering the checkout page, members can customize the points they want to redeem under [Shopping Cart] > [Order Summary] > [Applied Point Discount] and click Apply to view the remaining points (point balance) after the discount.

The steps to change the amount of applied (redeemed) points are as follows:

  • Step 1. Click Applied Point Discount.
  • Step 2. Input the number of points to be redeemed and click Apply.
  • Step 3. Wait for the system to recalculate the order total and Proceed to Checkout.


  • The system, by default, will automatically redeem all points held by the member, within the limits set for point redemption.
  • If the points input are not multiples of the point redemption unit, the system will automatically recalculate. An example is provided below:
Rule: Every 10 points can be redeemed for NT$1 
Input 15 points 10 points will be automatically redeemed
Input 23 points 20 points will be automatically redeemed
Input 3 points The reminder "At least 10 points are required" will pop up.


ii. Order total (amount) settlement

Subtotal The sum of (product price*product quantity)
Discount Applied The sum of all applied discounts (delivery fee-free)
Applied Store Credits The limits you have set and the current store credit amount the member possesses.
Applied Point Discount The limits you have set and the current member point amount the member possesses.
Delivery Fee The shipping fee amount (or free if applicable) for the selected delivery option.
Total Subtotal - Discount Applied - Applied Store Credits - Applied Point Discount + Delivery Fee = Total



  • Whether the order meets the conditions for point redemption will be determined based on the amount minus discounts and store credits as the redemption threshold.
  • When the points input exceeds the point redemption upper limit, the system will display a prompt message and automatically input the maximum redeemable points.
  • Suppose the set point redemption upper limit per order is X% of the total amount, the decimal fractions after the point redemption will be rounded down to the nearest whole.
    For example, if the point redemption upper limit is 20%, and the customer's order amount (minus discounts and store credits) is NT$226.
    226 x 20% = 45.2. Rounded down, this order can apply a maximum of 45 points, equivalent to NT$45.


iii. Check and apply member points in Smart OMO

Smart OMO introduces member points inquiry and redemption features. You can check the current point balance of a member via the Membership Management tab and proceed with the redemption. For more detailed settings and operational steps, please refer to Credits and Member Points | Smart OMO.


4. Notes

  • The unit for Point Redeem to Cash (point-to-cash conversion) cap is "amount" rather than points. You should set it as per the amount convertible by points.
    For example, spending NT$100 earns 1 point, and every 10 points can be redeemed for NT$1. Therefore, a customer who has spent a total of NT$1,000 should have 10 points and can redeem these points against NT$1 on their next order.

  • Products with the "Product not applicable to discount" toggle ON are not eligible for point redemption. If such products are checked out together with other items, the amount of those products will not be calculated towards the redemption threshold and the redemption cap.
    For more details, please refer to How to Exclude Products Not Applicable to Discounts.

  • Accessing point redemption with Smart OMO is not restricted by the settings in SHOPLINE Admin. When the "Point Redeem to Cash" feature is enabled in Admin, the redemption rules, conditions, and limits (caps) DO NOT affect Smart OMO operations.
    For more details, please refer to Credits and Member Points | Smart OMO.

  • When customers redeem points for discounts and gifts, the system will prioritize deducting points that are closer to the expiry date.



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