How to Allocate Discounts When Splitting Orders

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In order to allocate promotion discounts while splitting orders, we have released this discount amortization feature. This feature allows the system to automatically calculate and distribute the discounts, store credits and Point Redeem To Cash to each related product so that if you split an order, both parent and child orders would show the correct discounted amount, store credits and Point Redeem To Cash.

To know the exact logic of the discount allocation, please refer to this article.


In this article, you will learn


1. How does the system allocate discounts when splitting orders?

When splitting orders, the system would automatically show the allocated discounts for each selected product. By clicking the Split button, you would see the detailed amount accordingly.

Take a look at the example below:

Thai Style Soap and Sea Salt Soap are in 2 promotions, which are "$100 off for over $500" and "$50 off on selected products over $300". If you split 2 Sea Salt Soaps into the child order, the system will re-distribute the discount amount, store credits, and points redeemed to cash from the parent order to the child order.

*Note: When the allocated discounts have decimal digits, the system follows the banker's rounding rule to calculate. 


Before splitting the order



After splitting the order



2. Notes

  1. Order splitting is not available if the total order amount is lower than $0.
  2. After the order is created, whether it's a parent or child order, when a product is deleted, the allocated discount of the deleted product would remain in the order.
  3. Adding custom items in the product details column would not apply to any published promotions & campaigns even if the condition is met. Thus the discount won't be allocated to the custom item when splitting the order.
  4. If you add or reduce the product quantity before splitting the order, the system would recalculate and reallocate discounts accordingly, as the final allocation would be based on the final quantity while the order is being split.
  5. Custom discounts added in the product details column would not apply to the allocation. Thus when exporting reports, the discount amount of "Selected Products Promotion" and "All Products Promotion" would not include the amount of custom discounts.
  6. Promotions' usage would not be counted twice, even if the discount is allocated to the child order.
  7. Except for stores using the Retail POS plan, stores using the e-Commerce/ Social Commerce plan exclude products with order-level discounts when allocating store credits and Point Redeem To Cash in split orders.
  8. The allocation of store credits and Point Redeem To Cash in split orders are applicable to orders created after 4 January 2023. Orders created before that are not applied.






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