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SHOPLINE has launched the "POS Member Points Redeem To Cash" feature, which allows customers to redeem member points to spend in stores.

This article will be covering the following: 


1. Enabling the "POS Member Point Redeem To Cash" feature

Step 1

Proceed to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Customer Management] > [Member Points] page. 



Step 2

Scroll down to the "Point Redeem to Cash" section and confirm the following steps: 

  • The "Point Redeem to Cash" feature is enabled 
  • The "Redeem to Cash" conditions have been setup
  • "Retail Store" has been checked under the "Available Channel"

*Note: The system selects the two options of "Online Store" and "Retail Store" under "Available Channels" by default. You can unselect anyone according to your needs.



2. Using the POS app to apply point discounts for customers

Step 1

During checkout on the POS app, if the customer has member points, the remaining member points of the customer will be displayed in "Applied Point Discount".




  • Once you have completed the setup in the Admin, please confirm that when you reopen the app or login again while the iPad is connected to the internet, the POS app is correctly displaying the "Applied Point Discount" field.
  • If a product is excluded from order-level discounts, you can still apply member points to your POS order.
  • If the iPad is offline, the "Applied Point Discount" field will show up as "cannot applied offline". 

  • If the member points are not synchronized immediately, you can tap the point balance refresh button.


Step 2

Using the "Member Point Redeem To Cash" feature, there are two ways to apply member points:

1. System automatically applied 

The default amount of discounted points applied by the system is $0. Tapping the "+" icon on the right side will automatically apply the "Maximum Discounted Points" you set in the Admin. 



If the order amount does not meet the "Apply point discount condition" you set in the Admin, a prompt will appear.

For example: If you set the "Apply point discount condition" in the Admin to $200, and the order amount is $150, tap the "+" symbol, and a prompt will appear.



2. Manually apply

Tap the applied point discount amount and manually enter the amount you would like to apply. 




The popup will remind you of the maximum amount of points allowed for application. 



The following explains the maximum amount of discount points that can be entered according to the "Maximum amount of point discount" condition you set in the Admin. 

A. When the maximum amount of point discount is a "Fixed Amount" 
The conversion calculation: Every 10 points discounted for $1;
Maximum amount of point discount: Fixed Amount of $50
  • The maximum amount of points discount that can be entered is 500 points
  • Calculation method: 10*50=500
B. Maximum amount of point discount as "Percentage %"
The conversion calculation: Every 10 points discounted for $1;
Maximum amount of point discount: Percentage of 10%
  • If the customer's order amount (after applied discount and store credit) is $105, the maximum amount of points that can be entered is 110.
  • Calculation method: 
    105*10%= 10.5≈11 (round up to the nearest integer)

*Note: If the number of points entered exceeds the maximum discount amount, a prompt will appear.



Step 3

The amount discounted with points will also be displayed during the checkout, and the rest of the steps are the same as the usual checkout process.



If the order is discounted using member points, the "Applied Point Discount" field will be displayed on the POS app order details/receipts and other pages.




3. Applied point discount displayed through the Admin 

If the order is discounted with member points, the "Applied Point Discount" field will be displayed on the POS order details page in the Admin.



The Order Detail report also displays fields related to "Applied Point Discount".  

  • Point Discount: The total applied discount amount
  • Redeemed Points (Cash): The total redeemed points in cash




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