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With SHOPLINE Live, you can create personalized livestreams that can be synced with Facebook Live posts, greatly increasing audience interaction and enhancing product exposure.  

This article will cover how to connect one or more Facebook Pages to a SHOPLINE Live, as well as how to set up keyword ordering and other livestream selling features.  


1. How to connect a Facebook Page

A. Connect main Facebook Page

*Note: If your Facebook Page has been connected in SHOPLINE Admin, you are required to disconnect and then reconnect the page before they can create a Facebook-linked livestream. 

Before you begin, make sure you are an admin for the Facebook Page you want to connect to. 


Step 1. In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook]. Click the Connect button in the "Connect with Facebook" section. If you have sub-pages as well as the main page, make sure you are on the "Main Page" tab. 



Step 2. Please click Edit Settings to confirm this is the Page of your choice. 
*Note: Do not choose "continue as ○○○". 



Step 3. Select the Page you want to use, then click Next



Step 4. Switch all of the permission toggles to "YES", then click Done



Step 5. Click Connect next to the Facebook Page you want to connect to, then click OK

*Note: Once the page is connected, other functions such as Facebook Order Notification will also be accessed from the selected page. Furthermore, if you change the passwords of the account you originally used to connect with SHOPLINE, this could cause a disconnection to the page. Please return to "Channel Integration" to reconnect.



B. Connect multiple Facebook Pages

Step 1. In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook]. Click the Connect button on the "Sub Page" tab of the "Connect with Facebook" section.  



Step 2. Please click Edit Settings to confirm this is the Page of your choice. 

*Note: Do not choose "continue as (your name)". 



Step 3. Select the Facebook Page you want to use, as well as all other Facebook Pages you have previously connected with (if you wish to continue using them). 

*Note: You will not be able to continue using a previously connected Facebook Page if it is not selected at this point.  



Step 4. Make sure all of the permission toggle switches are set to "YES", then click Done



Step 5. Once you are done, click the Connect button next to the Facebook Page you want to use, then click OK



*Note: To connect to an additional Facebook Page, repeat the steps outlined above. You can connect up to a maximum of 10 Facebook Pages (1 Main Page + 9 sub-pages). 


2. Setting up a livestream 

Step 1. Create a livestream 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and click on the Create live stream button. 


In the following window, click on Live Stream from Facebook, then click Next.



Step 2. Live stream settings 

Basic settings: 

  • Stream name (Required): The name entered here will be visible to live stream viewers. 
  • Streamer (Optional): This field is optional, and the information entered will not be visible to live stream viewers. 
  • Introduce what this stream is about ... (Optional): This provides a more detailed introduction to viewers of what your stream is about. 


Advanced settings: 

  • Inventory settings:
    • Lock Inventory: You can set a time limit for inventory that will be held products in a customer's cart. 


    • Live Inventory Notification: You can select a product quantity threshold to trigger inventory notification. A sound effect can also be enabled to inform you. 


      If you set "1" as the quantity for "Set the number of product inventory reminders", once the livestreaming product remains 1 in stock, an "Items are running out" reminder will pop up in the broadcast.

      *Note: If you have enabled the "Lock Inventory" feature, even if the customer only adds products to the cart and has not completed the checkout process, once the inventory quantity (the original inventory - the lock inventory items in customers' carts) reaches the level set for inventory reminders, the reminder will pop up.


  • Keyword setting:
    • Order rules: Select what keyword format(s) viewers can use to trigger orders.
      *Note: "product number + specifications" rule is currently only available for Vietnam and Thai stores. The "Product Number + Specification" order placement rules will be terminated soon, replaced by the "Prefix + Suffix" method to create keywords. For more information, please refer to this article


      The logic of detecting the keyword:

      *Note: The number after the keyword will be recognized as a quantity instead of a keyword. For example, product keywords are "A1" and "X2"

      • Customer's comment: A1X2X2
      • Customer's shopping cart: Two items A1 and one item X2. 
    • Keyword validity for during and after a live stream

      If "Customers can place orders at any time" is selected: 
      Viewers will be able to place an order using a keyword at any point during a live stream. If you want to manually disable the ability to order a product using a keyword, you can click on the ___2021-07-01___5.47.03.pngbutton at any time to deactivate a product keyword. 


      If "You need to manually activate keywords or recommended products before customers can place an order" is selected:
      If this option is selected, after a live stream has started, all keyword ordering will be disabled by default. You can then manually activate keyword ordering and promotion for individual products by clicking on  ___2021-07-01___5.46.42.pngor  ___2021-07-01___5.47.13.png button.


      You can use the bulk edit menu to the right of the product list to select and activate/ deactivate multiple products at the same time, regardless of a given product's current keyword ordering status. 


      *Note: A confirmation window will appear if you perform a bulk action.


      If "Maintain keyword status, status can still be adjusted" is selected: you can disable keyword ordering for a product using the  ___2021-07-01___5.47.03.pngbutton, or the bulk edit menu.

      If "Invalidate all keywords, the status can still be adjusted" is selected: you can reactivate keyword ordering for a product using the  ___2021-07-01___5.46.42.pngbutton, or the bulk edit menu. 

  • Messenger settings: You can select whether or not to send a direct message via Facebook Messenger to customers that have successfully placed an order. 
    • Checkout reminder setup. Please refer to this article for more details.

After you have finished editing your settings, click the Create button on the bottom right. 


After you have created a live stream, click on Add live products and open the dropdown menu:

  • Create product: Add a new product.
  • Select products: Select product(s) from the list of the store's products. 
Tip: You can use the shortcut key to open the window to add product(s) 
in the live stream.
- Mac:fn+f4
- Windows:f4




A. Add product

You can customize the Product Image, Name, Keywords, Price, Quantity, and Product SKU. Once you have completed editing, click Continue to add the products to the livestream successfully. 

  • Click create new line to add new products. 
  • Add Quick Import to add multiple products. 



Supports adding multiple variant products into the livestream

Besides Product Image, Product Name, Keywords, Price, Quantity, and Product SKU, you can also customize product variants by clicking Add variant to open the setup window. 

*Note: You can add variants in the "Product Keywords" tab, yet quick import is currently not supported. To learn more about creating product keywords, please refer to this article


The system presets two variations: color and size; you can also customize the variation name.


Click Add product variation to add more variations. The system currently supports adding a maximum of two variations. Click the trash icon on the right to remove a variation. 



  • If the price of each product variant is the same, after entering the price of any variant, click "Bulk Sync Price" to automatically sync all the prices.
  • If one of the product variants has a set quantity, the other variants will also need to be set with a quantity. Please leave the quantity field blank for all product variants to set the quantity as unlimited. Screen_Shot_2022-06-20_at_10.12.44_AM.png


Supports editing header

Click the Edit header on the right of the "Create product" pop-up window to select whether to display the "Image", "Product SKU" and "Variant" fields. 


Uncheck to stop displaying a field. 



B. Select product

Check the products you want to add to the livestream. You can add a maximum of 500 main products to each livestream (If a product has multiple variations, it will still be counted as one product).

You can preset keywords for products in the Admin, and apply the keywords in the subsequent live streams. For details, please refer to Product Keyword.


  • Hidden products can also be added to the livestream.
  • Products will be listed from top to bottom in order of the latest-earliest added. 



Products that have already been added to a live stream: 

You can view all the available variants and stock for a product, or click "Delete" to remove products from this livestream. 


You can also select "Product Name" or "Keyword" in the drop-down menu above the product list to search for products added to the live stream. 



You can either click System generation to generate a series of keywords or custom a set of keywords and add them to products and variants in bulk.


Bulk edit product keywords

First, click on Bulk edit to edit product keywords in bulk after a live stream has started. 


Select the products you want to edit, then click Edit Keyword from the "Bulk edit" drop-down menu. 


There are two ways to add/edit a product keyword: 

  1. In the "Bulk edit product numbers" field, enter a keyword, e.g. "A". The system will then number the products automatically (e.g. A1, A2, etc.)bulkedit3.png
  2. Enter a custom keyword for each individual product in the "Product Number/Keyword" field.  bulkedit4.png

Click on the Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window to save your edits. 

*Note: Keywords cannot contain special characters. The "Product Number/Keyword" field for a product cannot be left blank. 


After you have completed the steps above, the status of your live stream will change to "Preparing". Next, you will need to connect to a Facebook Live post. 

If you need to edit or delete settings or information for a live stream after it has started, click on the settings button at the top of the window (next to the live stream's name) to open the editing menu, then edit each field as needed. Once you are done, click Update

If you want to delete a live stream with the "Preparing" status, click on the settings menu and then click Delete live stream

*Note: The live stream cannot be restored once it has been deleted. 



New livestream settings and custom message interface

You can complete livestream-related setup and custom messages on the same page. Please refer to this article for more information. 



3. How to connect to a Facebook Live

A. Connecting to a single Facebook Page 

Step 1. Open your Facebook Page and create a new livestream by clicking the Live video button. You can broadcast a Facebook-linked live stream using a compatible desktop or mobile device.



Step 2. Select Go live



Step 3. Choose "Webcam" as your video source, and add livestream video details. Once you are done setting up, click Go live


*Note: Make sure under "Settings" that the "End live video if the stream stops" and "Embed live video" toggle switches are turned on.  


Once the livestream begins, the time will start running on the bottom left corner, and you will be able to see the livestream in the bottom right corner.  Screen_Shot_2022-01-17_at_5.41.31_PM.png


Step 4. Return to the livestream backstage and click on Connect to Facebook Live.

connecttofblive.pngOn the Facebook livestream you have just created, click Connect

*Note: Only Facebook Live posts that are scheduled or in progress will appear in SHOPLINE Live. Support is not currently provided for linking Facebook Live posts that have been created but have not yet begun. 


Click on Connect to sync to your Facebook Live post. 

During the livestream, you can use the SHOPLINE Live platform to sync the following actions with a Facebook Live post:

  • Add/remove products
  • Promotion tool (speaker icon) (Posts a comment on a Facebook Live post promoting a product) 
  • Reply to post comments (These will appear on Facebook Live post)


Once the livestream is over, click the exit icon or return to the Facebook page to end the livestream. 



B. Crosspost to several Facebook Pages 

Step 1. Once you have set up your video source and livestream details (refer to steps 1-3), click Crosspost to More Pages or [Distribution] > [Share to Page's groups]. 



Step 2. Choose the pages on which you would like to post the livestream, and click continue to complete the crosspost setup. 




Step 3. Start the livestream. 



Step 4. Return to SHOPLINE Live to click Connect to Facebook Live and click Connect in the pop-up window. 

*Note: The "Crosspost" tag will appear. 


You can then view your Facebook Live through SHOPLINE Live. 

*Note: The following situation will cause failure in synchronizing comments left on the crosspost page to the store Admin, and failure in creating orders using keywords:

  • Crossposting to the other pages after you connect to Facebook Live in SHOPLINE Live.
  • The settings of the connecting Facebook Page are edited after you have connected to a Facebook Live post in SHOPLINE Live.



SHOPLINE now supports crossposting to more pages after livestream begins

If you have started the Facebook livestream, once you have connected your Facebook Live, you can choose to crosspost to more pages through SHOPLINE Live. In this case, regardless of which page a customer is commenting from, the system will be able to apply keyword ordering features to the comments. 

If you want to view the "Connect Time" between the Original Post and Cross Post, click the Facebook logo on the top corner. 

*Note: This button will only appear when the livestream is in "Live" or "Finished" mode. 


4. Livestream features overview

A. Backstage interface & live stream tools

___2020-04-21_125215.png Promotional broadcast (speaker icon): 

This is used to help highlight and promote a particular product during a livestream. The name, variants, keywords and order example for a product will appear in the comment section

Live20.png*Note: Products cannot be promoted in the following circumstances:

  • The product has been unpublished
  • The product or product variant is out of stock


B. Viewer interface & ordering tools

Viewers can place an order directly by commenting on a Facebook Live post during the livestream. 


How customers place orders

Viewers can place an order directly by commenting on a Facebook Live post during the livestream. 

If you use the promotional message tool (speaker icon), customers will see the keywords of the products and order information, e.g. A1, B2, Red, etc. After a promotional message is sent out, the customers will receive a message via Facebook Messenger with a link to the checkout page of your online store. 

Each time when a customer comments a keyword+number (x), the system will automatically add "x" (quantity) of the designated product into the customer's cart.

For example, if a customer comments A1+2, the system will add two A1 into the cart.

Customers can add more products to their carts by commenting again or changing the quantity in their shopping cart


  • The message in Facebook Messenger is only a preview of the order. Customers still have to complete the checkout process on your store's website.
  • The picture in the link sent to a customer will show the product's original price. However, the price will change to the discounted price (if you did set a discounted price for the product) when the customer follows the link to your store's website.   



When customers click on the "Checkout" button in Facebook Messenger, they will be redirected to the checkout page on your shop's website. 


*Note: After a livestream ends, customers can still rewatch the stream and continue placing orders using keyword comments for the next 180 days. 



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