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SHOPLINE has launched the "Send Checkout Reminder" feature for Facebook livestreams. The system will automatically send reminders to customers who viewed the Facebook live, added products to the shopping cart but have not completed checkout. You can also schedule a send time as a follow-up to boost the conversion rate.

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1. Steps to set up

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and create a Facebook Page livestream. 



Step 2

After completing the basic settings, in "Step 3. Advanced settings", scroll down to the "Messenger settings" section, switch on the "Send checkout reminders" toggle button, and set the send time.

*Note: The checkout reminder is switched off by default.


*Note: If you switch on the "Lock Inventory" feature, it is recommended that you set the checkout reminder send time earlier than the lock inventory period so that products are in stock when customers receive the reminder.



Step 3

Click Create to complete the setup. 



2. Send checkout reminder

Customers will receive the checkout reminder in the following scenarios:

  • Customers left a message in the livestream to add products to their shopping cart, but the order has not been created before the checkout reminder scheduled send time.




  • You added products to the customer's shopping cart using the "Edit cart" button in the livestream backstage, but the customer has not checked out before the checkout reminder scheduled send time.




Customer's view of the checkout reminder



3. Notes

  • Currently, only Facebook livestream is supported to send checkout reminders.
  • Only one checkout reminder can be sent per Facebook live.
  • If a customer has placed an order before sending a checkout reminder, they will not receive a checkout reminder regardless of whether they paid or not.
  • If the customer leaves a keyword after the system sends the checkout reminder, they will not receive the checkout reminder.
  • After customers add products to their shopping carts in the livestream, regardless you click the "bin" icon in livestream backstage to remove products from the customer's shopping cart, or the customers remove products by themselves, the system will still send a checkout reminder at the scheduled time. However, if you remove the products by clicking "Empty shopping cart items" in "Comment Management", the system will not send the checkout reminder.
  • The system supports editing the related settings before sending checkout reminders. This means that even if the livestream is over, you can still edit the send time or turn off the feature toggle before the reminder is sent out.



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