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Apart from streaming directly with SHOPLINE Live, you can also connect one or more Facebook Pages to a SHOPLINE livestream, greatly increasing audience interaction and enhancing product exposure.

⚠️ Note: This article will cover how to integrate and set up a Facebook livestream. For how to start a Facebook livestream and how customers can place orders, please refer to this article.

This article will cover the following:


1. Notes before starting 

  • Please make sure your store is connected to your Facebook Pages. For more details, please refer to this article.  
  • If your Facebook Page has been connected in SHOPLINE Admin, you will need to disconnect and then reconnect the page before they can create a Facebook-linked livestream.


2. Setting up a livestream 

Step 1. Create a livestream 

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live] and click on the Create live stream button.

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In the following window, select "Facebook Page," then click Next.

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Step 2. Livestream settings 

Basic settings: 

  • Stream name (Required): The name entered here will be visible to live stream viewers. 
  • Streamer (Optional): This field is optional, and the information entered will not be visible to viewers. 
  • Introduce what this stream is about ... (Optional): This provides a more detailed introduction to viewers of what your stream is about. 


Advanced settings: 

  • Inventory setting: When “Lock Inventory” is enabled, you can set a time limit for the duration of products that will be held in a customer's cart. 
  • Keyword setting: You can set rules for leaving comments with keywords in the livestream to trigger orders.
    *Note: The "product number + specifications" rule is currently only 
    available for Vietnam and Thailand stores.
    The "product number +
    specification" order placement rules will be terminated soon,
    replaced by the "prefix + suffix" method to create keywords.
    For more information, please refer to this article.
  • Messenger settings: When “Send checkout reminder” is enabled, you can send a checkout reminder message via Facebook Messenger to customers at an assigned time. Please refer to this article for more information.

Click Create upon completion to create a livestream.


Step 3. Add products

After you have created a live stream, click on Add live products and open the drop-down menu:

  • Create product: Add a new product.
  • Select products: Select product(s) from the list of the store's products. 
Tip: You can use the shortcut key to open the window to add product(s) 
in the livestream.
- Mac:fn+f4 (You can also press f4 for some Mac models.)
- Windows:f4


A. Add product

You can customize the Product Image, Name, Keywords, Price, Quantity, and Product SKU. Once you have completed editing, click Continue to add the products to the livestream successfully. 

  • Click create new line to add new products. 
  • Add Quick Import to add multiple products. 



Supports adding multiple variant products into the livestream

Besides Product Image, Product Name, Keywords, Price, Quantity, and Product SKU, you can also customize product variants by clicking Add variant to open the setup window. 

*Note: You can add variants in the "Product Keywords" tab, yet quick import is currently not supported. To learn more about creating product keywords, please refer to this article


The system presets two variations: color and size. You can also customize the variation name.


Click Add product variation to add more variations. The system currently supports adding a maximum of two variations. Click the trash icon on the right to remove a variation. 



  • If the price of each product variant is the same, after entering the price of any variant, click "Bulk Sync Price" to automatically sync all the prices.
  • If one of the product variants has a set quantity, the other variants will also need to be set with a quantity. Please leave the quantity field blank for all product variants to set the quantity as unlimited. Screen_Shot_2022-06-20_at_10.12.44_AM.png


Supports editing header

Click the Edit header on the right of the "Create product" pop-up window to select whether to display the "Image", "Product SKU" and "Variant" fields. 


Uncheck to stop displaying a field. 



B. Select product

Check the products you want to add to the livestream. You can add a maximum of 500 main products to each livestream (If a product has multiple variations, it will still be counted as one product).

While selecting existing products for your new livestream session, you can search for specific items by typing the keywords you’ve set or filtering them by categories. (For details on how to set keywords for products, please refer to Product Keyword.)


  • Hidden products can also be added to the livestream.
  • Products will be listed from top to bottom in order of the latest-earliest added. 
  • Available Quantity is the number of products that are currently available. If you enable the “Preorder” feature and set a preorder quantity limit for the product, the Available Quantity will be your current inventory and pre-order limit combined together. Please refer to this article for more information on the preorder feature.


Step 4. Set up product keywords

Once you have selected your products, you can edit the keywords with the methods below: 

  1. Add keywords for products individually
  2. Use "Quick apply" to quickly generate and apply the keywords. For more information, please refer to the following FAQ.

Upon completion, click Save to add products to the livestream.


The added products will appear on the left page.

Click the ___2022-07-08___12.13.29.png icon next to each product to edit the keyword, product information, or remove the product.


You can also select "Product Name" or "Keyword" in the drop-down menu above the product list to search for products added to the livestream.


Click the More Actions button on top of the product list to perform the following actions: 

  • Bulk edit: Bulk edit product keywords.
  • Sort: Select livestream product's sorting method.
  • Expand/Collapse: Expand or collapse all product variations.
  • Exports Products List.

Select "Bulk edit" and select the products you want to edit. You can bulk-edit product keywords and exclusive prices all at once.


You can complete the livestream-related setup and other settings by clicking on the "Setting" icon at the bottom left. Please refer to this article for more information.



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