[Promotions & Reward] Step 2 - Set Target Group


You can offer store promotions targeting different customer groups. For instance, promotions can apply to all customers or members only. You can also limit the number of times a promotion can be used for each customer. 

Promotions can target three different customer groups: All Customers, Members, and Specific Customer Tags. For Members and Specific Customer Tags, customers are required to log in before checkout. On the other hand, promotions that target All Customers do not require customers to log in to their accounts. 


In this article, you can find detailed instructions on how to set up store promotions targeting different customer groups. 


Target: All Customers 

Click "All Customers." 

Note: For customers who registered as shop members, but failed to log in before checkout, they will be identified as normal guest checkout, and only eligible for All Customers Promotions. 


Target: All Members

Only store members are eligible for All Members promotions. 

For promotions targeting store members, you have to choose "Target Group" and "Limit per Member" to complete the setting.  


Target Group

You can decide whether all members are able to use promotions or only apply on specific membership tier(s). For example, if you're planning a special discount for VIP, you can choose to target "VIP tier."

*Note: Store members/members in specific membership tier(s) are required to log in to use All Members promotions. 


Limit per Member

You can then decide how many times members can use the promotion. If you want to encourage members to make as many purchases as possible, you can choose "Unlimited." Whereas you are holding a giveaway or having a large discount on products, you might want to set the limit to "Once per member." 



Target: Specific Customer Tags

Note: Apply to the "Promotion" module

*Note: Make sure you are already using "Customer Tag & Note" before setting up promotions for specific customer tags. 

By choosing "Specific Customer Tags," only customers with the specific tags are eligible for the promotions. 

You have to choose "Customer Tags" and "Limit per Member" to complete the setting. 


Customer Tags

Only customers with specific customer tags are targeted for these promotions. Choose up to 10 tags you are targeting to finish the setting process (Please refer to Customer Tag & Note for setting up customer tags.)

Note: Customers with the tags need to log in to use the promotions. 


Limit per Member

Choose how many time members can check out using the promotions. You can limit the number to once per member, or set unlimited time for each member. 



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