"Promotions & Reward" Step 3 - Set Benefits & Criteria

This step is divided into 3 sections that allow the merchant to have more flexibility in setting the rules and criteria for the promotion, which are:

  1. Promotion apply method
  2. Promotion start & end date and time
  3. How many times can this promotion be used


1. Promotion Apply Method

There are 3 methods available which are "Auto apply promotion", "Coupon Code" and "For Affiliate Campaign Only".

i. Auto apply promotion


System will apply for the promotion automatically once customers' order met the requirement and criteria of the promotion. 


ii. Coupon Code


Customer will have to enter coupon code in order to enjoy the promotion for their order. Merchant may set up one or more coupon codes. 

Coupon Code Setting:

  1. Coupon Code can only contain number and word, no spacing (For example: SUMMER10OFF), the word can be a capital letter and small letter. 
  2. Set up one code: Customer will get to enjoy the promotion once enter the code, no limitation on the number of usage.
  3. Set up multiple codes: When setting up multiple codes, the system will automatically judge that each code can only be used once, even though the selection of "Unlimited" has been ticked under "How many times can this promotion be used?".
  4. A comma is required when setting multiple sets of codes, no spacing is needed (example: VIP001, VIP002, VIP003).

You can send coupon code to your target customer or create a banner to show your code and upload it at the homepage of your store, customers will need to enter the code manually in the checkout page in order to enjoy the promotion and apply the code during checkout. 

You may also select "Display coupon in member account", it allows your customers to be able to view the coupons in their Member Center. Note: You can only set up one code for your promotion campaign once you've selected it, after setup, remember to go to " Promotions & Reward > Promotions & Campaigns > Promotion Settings" to enable coupon TAB show in member center.

   (Kindly refer to this article for more information)


iii. For Affiliate Campaign Only


You can set up an exclusive promotion for a specific referral campaign, which will only take effect if the customer checkout via a referral link or referral code. 


2. Promotion start & end date and time


The promotion date and time will be the current date and time by default when you set up a promotion. It allows to set up the time in hour format only for now. In addition, we also provide "Today" and "Now" buttons to allow you to set up the current date and time quickly, and you can also use "Clear" button to empty the date and time fields.

Note: The promotion will take effect immediately after you complete the set up if the start time of the promotion is not set.



System preset the promotion end time as "Never Expires", please untick the "Never Expires" option and then set the end date time if you need to change the expiration date of the promotion.


Since the promotion time is only allowed to set up in hour format, for now, the event time can only be set up to 11 pm (23:00 pm) on the same day. If you want the event to end at 12/31, the end date and time need to be set to 1/1 12.00 AM.


3. How many times can this promotion be used


This field allows you to set how many times your promotion can be used, it will set as "Unlimited" by default, meaning to say all the new order which met the requirement and criteria of the promotion allows to use this promotion. You can also set a limitation on how many times the promotion can be used like 30, meaning this promotion can only be used for first 30 orders.

It's different with "Limit per member" in Step 2 Set Target Group, that is to limit the number of time a member can use the promotion while this is the to limit the number of time promotion can be used. 



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