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In "Home," you can check key operating metrics, including "Total Sales," "Total Orders," "Total Customer," etc., and you can better understand your shop's performance by selecting a specific analysis range and using the comparison feature.

*Products would be separated into "Online Store" and "Retail Store" only if you use both SHOPLINE Online Store and POS.


This article will cover the following:


1. GMV, Sales, and Orders



You can click on the metrics section to expand the data during the selected period. You can select "Omni-Channels," "Online Stores," and "Retail Stores" to display the line graphs of those channels according to your needs.


Metrics  Description
Gross Merchandise Value Total sales amount from created orders (Including cancelled orders)
Gross Orders Total gross orders created (Including cancelled orders)
Total Sales
  • Online Store Total Sales = Online Gross Merchandise Value - Total Cancelled Value + Total Edited Value - [Coming Soon] Total Returned Value (*Remark 1)
  • Retail Store Total Sales = Retail Store Gross Merchandise Value - Total Cancelled Value + Pre-Order (Paid Off) - Pre-Order (Outstanding) - Amount Refunded
  • O2O Omni Channel Total Sales = Online Store Total Sales + Retail Store Total Sales
Total Orders Gross orders - cancelled orders (*Remark 2)

*Remark 1: [Coming Soon]
In the event of online store order returns, adjustments (calculations) will be made based on the circumstances; The calculation method is as follows:

  • Total Returned Value = Total return at the time of returned order creation ± Return adjusted item - Total of cancelled returned orders.

*Remark 2: If there are any changes in orders (e.g. cancelled orders, order split, or order edit), the difference in sales amount will be counted on the date of action done.



2. Total Shoppers

This indicator helps you to know unique customers in the selected time range. You can click on the metrics section to expand the data during the selected period. You can select "Omni-Channels," "Online Stores," and "Retail Stores" to display the line graphs of those channels according to your needs.

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Metrics Description
Total Shoppers  The total orders for unique customers in the selected time range. Total Shoppers may not equal the sum of Shoppers Over Time.
For example, if the time range is 1 Jan - 5 Jan, and Customer A has made orders on 1 Jan and 3 Jan, then the shopper count will be +1 on 1 Jan and 3 Jan respectively. However, the number of Total Shoppers will be only +1.



3. Average Order Value 

The more orders placed, the more revenue in return. SHOPLINE offers the Average Order Value in Shoplytics to show you how promotion campaigns have been performing.


Metrics Description
Average Order Value Total Sales ÷ Total Orders (Excluding cancelled orders)



4. Returning Shopper Rate

Maintaining returning customers is crucial to the success of the store. Therefore we have included Returning Shopper Rate in the overview for you to access the performance of repurchase rates. 

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Metrics  Description
Returning Shopper Rate No. of unique returning shoppers* ÷ No. of unique total shoppers
For example, if there were 100 shoppers in the selected time range, 30 of them were new shoppers, and 70 of them were returning shoppers, the returning shopper rate would be 70%.

*Note: The return shopper means customers who have purchased before and purchased again during the selected time range. For more about "Returning Shoppers," please refer to Customers: Shopper Analysis | Shoplytics


5. Newly Added Members


Metrics  Description
Newly Added Members The number of store customers who registered as members*

*Note: A negative number indicates member deletion on that day. 

[Coming Soon] "Newly Added Members" supports channel split data

The "Newly Added Members" indicator supports data from different channels including "Online Store," "Retail Store," and "Others." Through this indicator, you can view the number of new members joining your stores via different channels during a certain period, making it convenient for you to allocate your resources channel-wise.



  • Only users granted "Omni-Channel" permission will see the "Others" channel tab.
  • In the Admin, go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security] > [Edit] > [Shoplytics Access Rights] to grant the desired administrator permission to manage "Channels & Stores." For merchants having the e-Commerce and Retail POS plans, the page will display both "Online Store" and "Retail Store" as shown below, while for merchants having only the Retail POS plan, it will only display "Retail Store."



6. Shop's Page Views


Metrics Description
Shop's Page Views View count of all pages.*

*Note: Merchant's browsing records are also counted for page views.


[Coming Soon] Total sessions

The "Page Views" metric will be replaced with "Total Sessions" to simplify traffic tracking for merchants. You can still go to [Customer Behavior] > [Traffic & Conversion Analysis] to view Page Views.

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Metrics  Description
Total Sessions

Total number of the sessions.

When a customer visits your online store and interacts with you for a while, it will be counted as a session.


7. Top 10 Products Sold

The "Home" dashboard has the top 10 products sold, and you can find the top 100 products sold on the Products report (available for Standard and Pro versions). You can click Full Report > to view the Top 100 product ranking. Please refer to Products | Shoplytics.

*Note: The Top 10 Products Sold include general products, product sets, and add-ons.


Metrics Description
Top 10 Products Sold This indicator is sorted by the quantity sold of each product






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