Menu Navigation


“Pages” and “Menu Navigation” helps merchants customize the pages, which are the horizontal items in SHOPLINE shops.


. General Menu Navigation Management

You can add the followings in "Menu Navigation":

  • Page: Used to link to a page created in “Pages” section
  • Product Category: Display the products in a selected category. You can add and manage the categories via "Products and Categories" > "Categories"
  • External Link: Link to other website such as Facebook page

*The social Commerce plan does not support "add / delete" function.


Main menu normally appears on the top:



Menu at the bottom left and right:



1. Drag to change the menu order

Go to SHOPLINE admin panel > "Menu Navigation" to modify the sequence and content of menu on the top and bottom of the page

You can change the order of the menu item by dragging  on the left



2. Add new menu item 

Click “Add” to create a new menu item on each section



B. Sub Menu

You can add sub menu items to display more choices. The sub menu usually looks like:



1. Drag to change menu order 

Drag  to change the order of menu items in "Menu Navigation"



2. Create sub menus 

Click  on the left of an item to make it a sub menu item of the upper item



To reverse this change to make a sub menu item a primary menu item, simply click



C. Third Layer Menu

The feature is only available for Ultra Chic, Kingsman, Doris Bien, Bianco, Sangria, Skya, Varm, Philia and new versions later launched.

With this feature installed you can now setup the third layer menu on your store to display even more informations, as in the image:



To set a third layer menu please install 3 Layer Navigation app in the app store.



After the app is installed, please head to Navigations & Pages > Menu Navigation, you will be able to move a menu to third layer by clicking  or dragging it to the right of a second layer menu.  




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