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Once you set up a promotion or campaign in Promotion & Rewards, a Promotion Page will be created automatically. After the page has been created, you can then edit SEO settings and the page banner, as well as add the page as a menu item by going to Menu Navigation.


1. Steps to set up

Step 1. Check your plan

In the upper right corner of SHOPLINE Admin, go to ["Hello, OOO"] > ["My Subscription & Billing"] to view your store's plans and modules.

  • Under the Paid Subscription, there are Plans and Modules. Please check if your store has the Promotion module. If your store has this module, skip to Step 2.EN_Step1-1.png
  • If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, Enterprise, or Cross Border plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store is using the Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan. EN_Step1-2.pngIf you do have one of these plans, in the SHOPLINE Admin go to [Apps] > [Apps Store] and install the Promotions Page application.


  • Promotion Pages are only available for Buy X Get Y Promotion/ Bundle Promotion/ A+B Promotion/ Promotions for selected products and categories. 
  • Promotion Pages only support the following promotion types: Product-Level and Category-Level Promotions/ Percentage Discount/ Free Gift and Free Shipping
  • To view a Promotion Page at the storefront, go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] and click on the "new window" icon next to a promotion name.
  • To change the related settings for a promotion page, click Edit next to a promotion in the list and select Page & SEO from the drop-down menu.  




Step 2. Search engine optimization (SEO) setup 

  • SEO Preview is only available for promotions that have a title and description.



Step 3. Edit Promotion Term & Condition 

  • Terms & Conditions for each language must be less than 500 characters each.
  • Adding Terms & Conditions are optional.
  • You can add the Terms & Conditions for the following languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Default Terms & Conditions are provided (see below). They can be deleted or edited. 
*Promotion applied is subject to the order summary shown in the shopping cart.
*Customer should checkout with valid payment & delivery method to enjoy the promotion.
*Customer should log in to checkout for member-only promotion.


Step 4. Upload Promotion Banner

  • Please upload a JPEG or PNG file for your promotion banner (Recommended image size: 1920x400 pixels). 
  • Only one banner is allowed per promotion and will be used on all language versions of your store.
  • After uploading and saving your banner image, the banner will appear at the storefront immediately.


Step 5. Click Save to save the settings

After finishing all the settings above, click Save to save all the changes.



If you don't need to make this promotion page public, you can go to the "Page & SEO" tab, switch off the "Display Promotion Page" toggle and save the editing. The system will then delete the automatically generated promotion page.

*Note: After switching off the feature, you need to click the Save button for it the take effect. For more details, please refer to Step 5. Click Save to save the settings.

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2. How to add a Promotion Page to your Storefront Menu

Merchants can make a Promotion Page a menu item by going to [Online Store Design] > [Menu Navigation] in the SHOPLINE Admin.

Step 1

Click Add to add a menu item. Select Promotion Pages from the "Menu item type" drop-down list.


Step 2

Choose an ongoing Promotion Page you want from the "Select Page / Category / Blog Post / Promotions" drop-down list. Expired promotions will not appear in the list. 


Step 3

Click Add to complete the process.  


Step 4

You can now drag and drop the newly created menu item to change its position on the page, as well as make it a parent or child menu item linked to other menu items. 


Once you are set up, you will now be able to see the Promotion Page as a menu item at your storefront. 


Please note: Menu items for promotions that have been unpublished/expired will not be removed automatically from your storefront menu. If you no longer wish to keep the promotion as a menu item, please remove it manually from the "Menu Navigation" page.


3. Promotion Page layout at the storefront 

A. For ongoing promotions, a Promotion Page will be in the following layout:

  • Area 1 - Promotion Banner
  • Area 2 - End date & target group
    • If the Promotion does not have an end date, the end date will not be displayed. 
  • Area 3 - Terms & conditions
    • Click "Term & Condition" will launch a pop-up window with the complete Terms & Condition of the promotion.
  • Area 4 - Promotion name
  • Area 5 - Selected promotion products
  • Area 6 - Promotion Cart
    • Items that are included in the promotion and that have been added to the customer's cart will be shown here. 
  • For merchants using the Premium plan, the Non-applied Promotion Reminders will appear as "X items selected" as shown belowmceclip4.png
  • For merchants using the O2O, Cross-Border or Enterprise plan, or the eCommerce or Social Commerce plan with the Promotions module, the Non-applied Promotion Reminders will appear on the Promotion Page for Discount/ Free Shipping/ Free Gift promotions as:
    • "X items selected. Buy X more to get the offer!" 
    • "X items selected. Enjoy the offer, Buy X more to save more!" _____2021-03-12___4.54.46.pngA%2BB_storefront_2.png


*The Promotion Page will arrange products according to the date each product was created. For Category-level promotions, products on the Promotion Page will still be arranged by date of product creation even if/when the products are arranged differently in the selected category.



  • If the [Show promotion campaign information on product details page] feature is turned on, the promotion hint on the product detail page can be linked to the promotion page.
  • mceclip7.png

  • If the customer has an applied promotion in their cart, the promotion name under "Applied Promotions" can be linked to the relevant Promotion Page. 


B. Pending Promotions 

Customers can still view the page and see the products included in the Promotion, along with the Promotion's start date and a message saying: "Promotion Coming Soon!".



C. Expired Promotions

Customers will see a message in the middle of the page that says "Promotion Ends." They will then be redirected to the store's homepage in 5 seconds.



D. Unpublished Promotions

Regardless of the promotion's validity period, customers will see a message that says "Unpublished promotion." They will then be redirected to the store's homepage in 5 seconds.  



4. Non-applied Promotion Reminders on Promotion Page

A Promotion Page will check the following before displaying a Non-applied Promotion Reminder

  • If a customer is logged in
  • If a customer is in the target group of the promotion

A Promotion Page will not check the following before displaying a Non-applied Promotion Reminder:  

  • The payment/ delivery method selected in a customer's cart
  • Promotion time limit: This will only be checked when a customer accesses the cart page.
  • Free Gift inventory: This will only be checked when a customer accesses the cart page.
  • Priority order: Promotion Pages will display an independent Promotion Reminder, but whether or not a Promotion is applied will only be quantified when a customer accesses the cart page.


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