SHOPLINE Admin Data Security Features

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In order to provide a safe environment for both merchants and customers, SHOPLINE provides the following data safety and privacy features:

  • SHOPLINE Admin, storefronts and integrated third-party payment gateways all support the use of SSL certificates. SSL certificates can effectively safeguard against data breaches, identity theft and other related security threats. 
  • Data handled by integrated payment gateways are secured to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1, the highest level available. 
  • Suspicious IP addresses are blocked in order to protect against malicious hacking attacks, and at the same time ensure the system runs efficiently as possible. 
  • Periodically, an impartial third-party agency is employed to scan and test our system for vulnerabilities. This ensures that the environment for merchants remains fully secure in terms of data security.  

In addition to the built-in data security measures outlined above, the features outlined below are provided for use by merchants in SHOPLINE Admin for improved data security.  


Enable data protection features in SHOPLINE Admin

Because data security encompasses many different areas of operations, is recommended that you enable the SHOPLINE Admin features outlined below to actively manage staff permissions, order information, customer details, and more. 


1. Two-Factor Authentication Settings of Admin Panel or Account Owners

With two-factor authentication enabled, account owners or staff members that try to register/login to SHOPLINE Admin will be sent an email containing a verification number, which they will need to enter to complete the registration/log-in. 

2. Hide partial information of order invoice

With this feature enabled, some of the more sensitive information on an order invoice is hidden automatically when exported. This reduces the risk of sensitive information being stolen in situations where a customer's information is enclosed with a shipped order. 

3. Set up Google reCAPTCHA for sign-in page 

Google reCAPTCHA stops malicious software from engaging in abusive activities on your website. Legitimate users will be able to log in, while fake users will be blocked. 

4. Admin Whitelist IP

*Please note: This feature is only available to merchants that have purchased the Staff Management module.

You can limit the ability to log in to SHOPLINE Admin to a certain IP address. This prevents those that have maliciously obtained your store's login and password from logging in from a non-authorized location. This feature is only available for certain plans. For more information, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team. 






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