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*Only support HKD stores/Hong Kong-based merchants

This article will answer the following questions: 

1. Which payment methods do SHOPLINE Payments support? What is the transaction fee?

SHOPLINE Payments supports Visa/ MasterCard/ Diners Club/ UnionPay cards/ Apple Pay/ Alipay HK/ WeChat Pay/ Google Pay/ [Coming Soon] FPS. Currently, the discounts of SHOPLINE Payments credit cards are offered at the rates below (the discounts will be available until further notice):

  • Local credit cards as low as 2.99% + HKD 2.35 per transaction.
  • Overseas credit cards 3.8% + HKD 2.35 per transaction.

Once the merchant has applied for SHOPLINE Payments as a "company account" and completed the Advanced verification, the team can continue to assist in applying for SHOPLINE Payments Alipay. (The acquirer determines the final approval result.)

SHOPLINE Payments AlipayHK: Currently, only Hong Kong wallets are supported. A 1.5% handling fee will be charged for each transaction. SHOPLINE will notify you in case of any adjustments.

SHOPLINE Payments WeChat Pay: Currently, both WeChat HK and WeChat CN wallets are supported. A 1.5% handling fee will be charged for each transaction. SHOPLINE will notify you in case of any adjustments.
[Coming Soon] SHOPLINE Payments FPS: A 1.5% handling fee will be charged for each transaction. SHOPLINE will notify you in case of any adjustments.


2. What basic information does a merchant need to obtain before applying for basic verification with SHOPLINE Payments?  

Since the team needs to approve the store and product information, it is recommended that the merchant complete the following settings before submitting their application for SHOPLINE Payments basic verification:

  1. Upload store logo
  2. Complete homepage layout
  3. Upload no less than 10 products
  4. Setup return/exchange policies (required)
  5. Delivery method details/policy (with the description of delivery time/period, etc.) (required)
  6. Display store contact information (required)
  7. Add Delivery method details/policy (with the description of delivery time/period, etc.) (optional)
Refer to the following tutorials:


3. Do SHOPLINE Payments support 3D authentication? Can I choose to have my transactions 3D authenticated?

SHOPLINE Payments supports 3D authentication, and the merchant cannot choose whether the transaction is 3D authenticated through the Admin. 

The SHOPLINE Payments transaction system can determine the customer's fraud risk level through AI and data computing, and decide whether to make customers undergo 3D authentication. In the case of 3D authentication, customers are required to obtain a 6-digit "one-time password" (OTP) SMS through their mobile number registered with the bank and will need to enter the password to authenticate the cardholder's identity for transactions.

The issuing bank determines whether the customer needs to enter a one-time password at the end of the checkout. The issuing bank has the opportunity to exempt the customer from entering the OTP step according to the customer's usual credit card usage and risks.


4. What is the difference between SHOPLINE Payments' basic and advanced verification? 

The basic verification requires you to apply for SHOPLINE Payments by selecting the business type applicable to your store. Once approved, you can start receiving payments with SHOPLINE Payments.

Advanced verification will verify and request information based on the type of business you selected during the basic verification. Upon completion, the system will arrange automatic remittance to your bank account, and you can also make a refund directly through Admin. 


5. Why can't I submit/select advanced verification? I wish to see what documents are needed for advanced verification beforehand. 

Advanced verification will not be available until the basic verification review is completed. Advanced verification will require you to provide relevant information according to the business type you selected in the basic verification.


6. Can I not show "Powered by SHOPLINE Payments" on my website?

Displaying "Powered by SHOPLINE Payments" at the end of the page is the same as Visa/MasterCard requiring the logo to be displayed in the payment section, so customers can know the payment option they have chosen. Therefore, it is shown by default.

If the merchant wishes to remove "Powered by SHOPLINE Payments" from the bottom of the page, please contact the Online Merchant Success Team to apply.


7. We have different staff members in the store. Can I limit who views my SHOPLINE Payments account or handles refunds?

You can proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Permission & Security]. In the "Admin Setting" tab, click [Edit] > [SHOPLINE Payments account Rights] to complete the setup and click Update


If you want to restrict the administrator access to operate refunds, you need to go to the Admin and uncheck "Refund (only for SHOPLINE Payments)" and click Update.



8. Will the transaction amount I just received be credited directly to my bank account?

Please confirm the approval status of the advanced verification first, such as:

Scenario 1: Advanced verification "Failed"

Temporarily received funds will be deposited into your SHOPLINE Payments account first and automatically transferred to your bank account after advanced verification is complete. 


Scenario 2: Advanced verification "Successful"

After completing the advanced verification, if the settlement amount on the day is more than $100 HKD, the system will automatically remit the money to your bank account in T+6 days (transaction settlement day + 6 working days). Due to different bank settlement times, there may be delays taking 1-2 days to reach your account.


9. Can I self-select a date for payout/manual payout? 

The system currently defaults to T+6 days automatic remittance and generally does not support self-selected dates/manual payouts.

If the merchant needs to apply for a specific payout date arrangement, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team for assistance.


10. Are there any other charges for SHOPLINE Payments? 

Besides the SHOPLINE Payment transaction fees, SHOPLINE Payments (credit card) refunds will incur a transaction fee of $1 HKD. While the transaction fee will still be charged, the transaction fee will not be refunded.

In case of transaction disputes (chargeback), a handling fee of $120 HKD per transaction will also be incurred.


11. How can I use SHOPLINE Payments Alipay to receive payment? Does SHOPLINE Payments Alipay work with Alipay (China)?

  • After the merchant has applied for SHOPLINE Payments as a company and completed the advanced verification, the Merchant Success Team can then continue to assist in applying for SHOPLINE Payments Alipay.
  • After advanced verification, the approval will take about 5-7 working days or more, and Alipay will decide on the final approval result.
  • At present, SHOPLINE Payments is the first to launch the AlipayHK service. The mainland version of Alipay CN is not currently supported. The details of the subsequent launch will be announced as soon as possible, and you will not need to apply again.






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