Step 5: Domain Settings and Shop Design


Now the basic settings are done. Next, we will update the logo and icon and change the look of the shop in order to catch the eyes of customers!

This article is going to introduce:


Domain Settings

Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Domain Settings. Merchants using the trial plan can set up a free Basic Shop Address, or a custom shop domain. 

Merchants who have purchased the yearly plan and own a domain could set up their own domain. Please refer to Custom Domain Setting for details. 

Please contact your online consultant if you wish to apply for a unique URL through SHOPLINE.




Shop Design

Step 1: Choose your style

Click Online Store Design Shop Design > Design on the Admin Panel. You will be at "Storefront Template".

We provide various designs and styles for your shop. You can pick your favorite one and click "Apply" to select the theme. Click "View My Shop" on the top to see the changes you've made



Step 2: Choose color

When you see a badge like    it means the design has variations.
After applying the theme, click "_____2017-12-11___1.06.03.pngbutton on the Current Theme panel to change colors or layout

Different themes provide different options ranging from colors to layouts to effect and so on.

After choosing the variation, you can first click "Save", then click the "Preview" button to see how it is applied in your shop. Click "Save" and "Publish" to apply the settings to your shop.


The following layout is applicable for the theme "Simple": 



Step 3: Storefront Template

Then click "Logo & Favicon" at the side of Storefront Template, you can upload the logo and favicon (which will be shown next to the site’s name in the browser’s address bar and in bookmarks) in the following panel.



Now, right before your official launch, let us test try the online store by placing a test order

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