Instant Message Management and Manual Order


SHOPLINE's Message Center offers "Facebook Messenger & Line Instant Message Integration," and "Manual Order" features to provide a comprehensive message center that allows merchants to simultaneously reach social users and create orders.

This article will cover the following:

*Note: Your SHOPLINE Admin interface may vary depending on your subscription plan. 


1. Linking a Facebook Page or LINE shop to a SHOPLINE account 

In SHOPLINE Admin, proceed to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook] / [LINE], then follow the steps in the following FAQ articles: Facebook Messenger/ LINE In-chat ShoppingConnect with LINE.



You can also connect by going to [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] > [Message and Post] and then clicking Connect now.



Merchants using the Social Commerce plan can integrate up to 10 Facebook Pages (one main page, plus nine secondary pages). SHOPLINE Live, and Message Center can be used with secondary pages.  You must use the Facebook account used to connect your main Facebook Page to connect any secondary pages. The account must have also admin access to any secondary pages you want to connect. 


  • Because integrating a LINE Official Account requires the use of "bot mode", this means that you cannot use LINE App/LINE admin panel to reply to messages. Please switch back to "chat mode" to reply to messages via the LINE admin panel or LINE App. 
  • Merchants that do not have a Social Commerce plan can click on [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] in SHOPLINE Admin to familiarize themselves with the functions of private messaging and post management. Click here to find out more about SHOPLINE's Social Commerce plan. 


2. Notes on integrated instant messaging apps


  • Currently does not support sending or viewing Facebook Messenger stickers in Message Center.
  • If you are unable to receive messages, go to your Facebook Page Settings > [Advanced Messaging] > [Configure]. In the pop-up window, select Messenger by SHOPLINE as the Primary Receiver for Handover Protocol. After you have done this, add to the Whitelisted Domains box.


  • To use the LINE 1:1 messaging feature, please make sure you have connected LINE in SHOPLINE Admin. To do this, follow the steps in the Connect with LINE FAQ. You must also check your account settings in Line Official Account Manager to make sure that the Response mode is set to Bot, and "Webhooks" is enabled. 
  • When connecting LINE to Message Center (with the Response mode set to Bot), you will not be able to use the LINE Official Account webpage admin panel, or the LINE Official Account mobile app to read, check or reply to messages. 
  • Message Center does not currently support the display or sending of LINE stickers. 
  • If a merchant sends an image and text in a single message from SHOPLINE Admin, this will be received as two separate messages (one text, one image) by the customer.



3. Message Center interface overview 

1. Once you have finished connecting a Facebook Page or LINE shop, in SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] and click on the  ___2020-09-02___7.08.10.png button to enter the instant messaging page.

2. The interface is equally divided into three parts as follows:

  • Left - Conversation lists: Channel tabs allow you to switch between "All Pages", "Messenger", and "LINE". The search engine can be used to help you find conversations by username and user tag. The filtering tools can be used to search by the staff members or using conversation filters to narrow down the search results. 
    1. If you have integrated multiple Facebook Pages, your main page will be listed first, followed by any secondary pages. 
    2. Default page while you enter the page, would show "All + unread" by default. You could change the filter to view the other conversation or marked ones.
  • Middle - Conversations: After clicking on that arrow next to "Assign to me", you can assign the post to yourself or another member of staff. Tap the Star icon at the upper left of the conversation to mark and follow up on the conversation
  • Right: Customer profile and Manual Order: The default layout allows you to view a customer's basic information, delivery address, and order history.

Create New Member

Enter the customer information (email/phone number) in the customer information field on the right side of the interface. 

A. If the information you enter matches an entry from the membership record, the system will display a list of customer profiles. Click on the one that matches. 


B. Please ensure the customer's mobile and email are unique, otherwise you may need to double-check whether to merge with an existing customer account.



C. If the customer has created order through Facebook Live, the system will automatically display the customer information in the order. Merchants can click View Existing customer information to confirm if they are the same one and thus merge accounts. Click View customers to jump to the customer information page in the Admin.




  • The profile on the right will be synchronized with the customer details. The "Remark" field in Message Center is different from "Tags & Note" in Customer Management.
  • If you want your customers to receive Facebook and LINE push messages and order notifications, please invite them to integrate in Member Center. 
  • Searching by customer name is not supported. The system will automatically bring in a customer's name from Facebook. 
  • You can create a customer profile by entering either a phone number or email address. 


Existing Members 

If the customer is an existing member or has placed an order, you can see their detailed information on the right:

  • Membership Tier Level: display the membership tier and level
  • Tags and Note of the customer: editable
  • Phone number and email address: as input by the member. Go to [Customer Management] > [Customer] > [View] > [Edit] to update the member's details. Please confirm with your customer before making any amendments. If the information entered by the merchant matches an entry of an existing member, a reminder to "re-enter" will appear. 
  • Delivery address: Up to five addresses can be saved per customer. 
  • Order history: This shows order records from within the past year. Click the order number to go directly to the details page for an order.   



Unbind member information

Click on the 3-dot button on the top right of customer information. You can find View customers and Unbind members.

  • Click View customers to jump to the customer information page in the Admin.
  • A pop-up window appears when clicking on Unbind member. Click Unbind to confirm the action.___2021-08-18___3.28.27.jpg


Reminder messages when updating member information

  • If the email or mobile number entered by the merchant does not match with the existing member information, the update will be successful.
  • If the email or mobile number entered by the merchant is duplicated with the existing member information, a pop-up window appears to confirm if the merchant wants to update bind the profile.
  • If the email and mobile entered by the merchant are duplicated with different existing member information, the merchant is required to re-enter the information.___2021-08-18___3.32.48.jpg


4. [Merchant End] Manual Order - Order Creation Flow 

Manual order could help you place an order while replying to conversations at the same time. Available delivery methods include integrated 7-11 delivery, which is suitable for merchants using social media channels to process orders. 

*Note: If a private message is assigned to someone other than yourself, you will not be able to use "manual order" function.

Step 1

Click the icon___2020-09-02___7.49.26.png to switch to the Manual Order page. If the customer has been identified as a member in the previous step, the customer's information will be filled in automatically.  If the customer is a Guest, you can still create an order for them as a guest. 


Step 2

A. Add an existing product

Choose the products that are being purchased. If it is an existing product that is being purchased, click on [Select Product] on the left-hand side of the Add Products window and search for the product by product name or SKU. 


  • Enter a product's name into the search bar to find products quickly. 
  • If a product has multiple variants, you can click on the dropdown menu to view and select specific variants. 



In addition to adding products, you can also add gifts to a customer's cart using the "Select Gift" tab. 


B. Custom Item

You can also use the Custom Product function to create a custom item (including name, photo, price, and quantity). In addition, merchants can select whether or not set the custom product as a hidden product. Hidden products will not appear on your storefront. Once you are happy with your settings, click Add to Cart. 


Step 3

Configure payment and delivery settings. You will be able to view and select all "non-hidden" delivery and payment options.

  • For social commerce, the following delivery options are available: 7-11 C2C & B2C pickup and COD / pickup only, FamilyMart C2C & B2C, custom logistic services (non-integrated)
  • For social commerce, the following payment options are available: custom payment option (non-integrated)

For example, you can set "7-11 Pickup and pay" as the shipping option, with COD as the payment option.


Step 4

Merchant can add Order labels (also known as Order Tags) for reference. You select labels by clicking Select label. Click Save after you finish. 



You can also click on Select label to view a list of previously created order labels/tags. Once you have selected the labels you want to use, click Save


  • You can add up to a maximum of 10 labels. 
  • The newly added label will also be displayed on the order details page in SHOPLINE Admin in the "Order Tags" section.



Step 5

Merchants can add remarks to the order.


  • Customers can see the remarks on their order details page.
  • Text limit: 200 characters.



Step 6

A. Apply Discounts

The system will automatically apply promotion discounts (E.g., Bundle, Bundle Group, or the Buy X Get Y promotions) to an order that fulfills the promotion scenario set by the store. Merchants can help customers add products that meet the scenario as well.


In the "Add Products" section, it will display the applied promotion.



B. Apply Store Credits

If merchants enable the "Online Store Credits Setting," and customers have available store credits balance, the "apply store credits" will appear under the Order Summary section.

The system will follow the "apply credit conditions" set in the Admin > [Customer Management] > [Store Credits].

  • Apply credit condition: If merchants set the scenario to orders over $1000, a notification message will appear for orders below the set amount.Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_5.03.15_PM.png
  • Maximum amount of credits applied: If the maximum amount is set to $50, a notification message will appear for any exceeding amounts entered.Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_5.00.31_PM.png
  • Allow customer to determine applied amount: Only applicable if merchants enable this setting.


C. Tax Details

If merchants have enabled "All Shops need Tax Collection" or some products require additional sale tax, the tax details, and calculation method will be shown in the amount details.



If merchants have switched on "All products include tax", the tax included in the payment amount will also be shown.



For detailed instructions on taxes setting, please refer to:

D. Add Discount

You can click Add Discount and input any custom discount amount. Merchants can also change the name of the custom discount. 
*Note: Custom discount will only display in the order summary and is not the same as store promotion.


Click the Add Discount button again to add another set of custom discounts.

The system currently supports adding up to five sets of custom discounts. When the number of discounts reaches the upper limit, the "Add Discount" button will be grayed out, and the store will not be allowed to add any more discounts.



E. Apply Coupon Code

You can click the Coupon code button and enter the coupon code, then click Apply to apply a discount for your customer. 


The system will display a list of the coupon codes currently available for the customer to use, you can select one to apply. 

If some of the created coupon codes do not show up in the coupon code list, it may be for the following reasons: 

  • This coupon code has reached maximum limit of use
  • The current order does not might the minimum requirement for coupon code 
  • The current order does not contain any products applicable to this coupon code


Once the coupon code has been successfully applied, the related information will be displayed in the order summary. 



Click the Send Order Confirmation Link button to share order details with the customer via private message. An order will also be created in SHOPLINE Admin. Please wait until the customer confirms their order in the message before proceeding with shipment. This ensures that customers agree to your store's privacy policy and thus establishes a fair sales contract. 



5. [Customer End] Manual Order - Order Confirmation Flow 

1. After the order is created and the customer has been notified, the customer will receive a message containing their order details. When they click the View Order Details or Go to Payment button within the message, customers will be redirected to the order information page, where they can view more details of the order.



2. Customers can check recipient information, including names, phone numbers, and delivery addresses.

For non-COD orders, customers can click Go to Payment and will see the section "Upload a proof of payment". This will also be updated in the Comment section. 



3. After a customer uploads proof of payment, they will receive a "wait for merchant to check" message. Customers can click the View Order Details button to track their order's status at any time.


6. Notes 

  • According to the new Facebook Messenger Policy, since 2020/3/4, if a user has not interacted with your store via Facebook Messager within the past 24 hours, you cannot send system messages to the user. One-on-one private replies will not be available if there is no interaction within 7 days. Therefore, if you are creating an order or replying to a message for a Messenger user, and confirming the assignee as yourself, but you find that you cannot send a message due to the Facebook restriction on the response period, you can try to manually send a message to the customer first; or contact the customer directly through Messenger and wait for a reply before proceeding to create an order or perform other actions. 
  • Messages sent through LINE will be sent as paid messages included in your LINE Official Account allowance, accounted from your monthly free messages quota. We recommend you make use of customer tags and remarks to respond to high-value customers. You can also use SHOPLINE Broadcast Center to filter out some tags before sending out promotional messages, to help lower costs vis-a-vis LINE messages. 
  • You cannot reply to messages using the LINE App/LINE Official Account admin page when the "Response mode" in LINE Official Account Manager is set as a "bot".  In order to reply to messages using these channels, you must set the "Response mode" to "chat". 





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