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*Note: This feature supports the Advance Shop Management Tools Module and the e-Commerce/ Social Commerce + Retail POS plans. 

SHOPLINE has launched the "Buy Online Pick Up In-store" feature; you can use the Excel file in the store Admin to add store information and bind the retail store with the warehouse.

When a customer selects a pick-up store on the checkout page and completes the order, you can instantly view the order in the POS App. The system will automatically deduct the warehouse inventory corresponding to the pick-up store.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Install the app

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Apps] > [Apps Store]. Click and select the "Buy online, pick up in-store" app, then click Pay Now to install the app free. Please refer to this FAQ for the installation details.



2. Create a "Buy Online, Pick Up In-store" delivery option

Step 1

Go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options] and click Add to create a new delivery option.



Step 2

On the setting page, select Store Pick-up for the delivery type.



Step 3

Enter the details for the delivery options, and set up shipping and delivery fee. Please refer to this article for the detailed setup procedures.



Step 4

On the right in the "Stock Information" section, click Download Retail Store File under "Import Retail Store".



Step 5

After downloading the retail store file, as instructed in the article Store pick-up - Customized Store Information, please enter the store information in the guided format (The system supports inputting store information in the supported language of the store).

*Note: If the store supports multiple languages, it is recommended to fill in the store information with each language so that customers using different languages ​​can find the store faster.

A. Store information

Enter the information below:

  • Title for the store pick-up menu (Optional, e.g., Country, City, District)
  • Option for the store pick-up menu (Optional, e.g., Taiwan, Taipei, Zhongshan)
  • Store Name (Required, fill in at least one language)
  • Store Address and Instruction (Optional)



B. Channel Name, Channel ID, Warehouse Name

The system automatically imports the retail store and warehouse information you created on the ONE Omni Channel and binds the corresponding store and the warehouse to each other. Please do not edit the information in these three columns.

*Note: If you have created 2 retail stores on ONE, the system will automatically import the information of these 2 stores. Importing part of the retail store information is currently not supported.



Step 6

After entering the information, click Start Importing Retail Store.



Step 7

Click Upload Customizing Store Info to upload the file.


*Note: A pop-up reminder will appear to remind you that if the delivery option is successfully created by "Import Retail Store", it is not possible to edit the option by uploading data by importing stores using "Custom Store Information." You will need to create a new delivery option. After understanding this note, click Continue to finish uploading the file.



Step 8

After uploading the file, click Add at the bottom right.



Step 9

Select whether this delivery option will apply to all promotions. Once all the steps are completed, the "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option will be successfully created. EN10.png


3. View from the storefront

A. Product detail page

The "Check Store Availability" button will appear on the product details page at the storefront. Customers can click to view the stock in each store.


  • The "Check Store Availability" button currently does not support the product sets details page.
  • If you have created a "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option, it is recommended that your store use the Ultra Chic theme template to ensure the proper display of the "Check Store Availability" button.




B. Checkout page

When customers select the delivery and payment method on the checkout page, if they choose "Store Pick-up" as the delivery method, they will see the menu you created and select a store for pick-up.



4. Edit store information

Go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options], then click the Edit button next to the delivery option.



In the "Store Information" section, you can find the retail store information in the supported languages. Click Re-upload file to renew the latest store information.



5. Edit the order

When receiving a store pick-up order, go to the Admin > [Order Management] > [Orders] to view the warehouse source of each product in the order, which is also the warehouse bound to the pick-up store of the order. 

*Note: If you edit the delivery method, it will not change the warehouse source of the product.



If you need to add an order product, click Edit > Add Product. Products that are in stock in the online store (default warehouse) will appear.



If the product you selected is not in stock in the warehouse bound to the selected store for this order, an "insufficient inventory" reminder will appear, and the order you are currently editing cannot be saved.



6. Notes

A. Delivery settings/ feature related

1. Each store only supports the creation of one "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option.


2. If the store uses the "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option, please pay attention to the inventory for the online store, or switch on the "order when out of stock" feature to avoid the occurrence of insufficient stock at the online storefront.

3. If you uninstall this feature, the original "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option will still exist, but subsequent orders created selecting this delivery option will automatically deduct inventory from the default warehouse. 

4. Currently, manual order and product subscriptions are not supported to use the "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option.

5. Currently, the livestream lock inventory feature is not supported to lock the inventory of each store for "Buy online, pick up in-store".

6. After installing this feature, the data of "Store pick-up - Customized Store Information" will still exist. Please refer to this article for details of "Pick-up at Stores - Customized Store Information".



B. ONE Omni Channel related

1. If you later change the warehouse of the retail store or delete the retail store and warehouse on the ONE Omni Channel, the system will automatically hide the "Buy online, pick up in-store" delivery option and you will need to re-import the file to show this delivery option again.

2. If the customer is in the checkout process when the retail store/ warehouse information is under change on ONE, the system will automatically replace the delivery method with the next option on the list. 


3. Delete retail stores or warehouses on the ONE Omni Channel:

  • Delete retail store: The customer creates an order to pick up products at store A, which is bound to warehouse A. If store A is deleted on ONE, but warehouse A is not deleted, the editing of the order (add/ delete/ increase/ decrease products) will adjust for warehouse A.
  • Delete warehouse: The customer creates an order to pick up products at store A (the store is bound to warehouse A). If store A is not deleted on ONE but warehouse A is, the subsequent editing of the order will also adjust for warehouse A.


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