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Please refer to this article for information on how to set up a LINE login and sign up.

SHOPLINE offers integration with LINE that allows merchants to connect with LINE API. With this integration, merchants can link online and offline customer behavior, effectively expand a store's consumer base, increase sales from mobile channels, and funnel LINE users toward things like store membership. 

Connecting your store to LINE will give you access to the following features: 

*Note: The messages sent by the features above will be sent as paid messages, which will be accounted from LINE's monthly free message quota.



14 steps to set up 

Step 1. Check your plan 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Hello, OOO] > [My Subscription & Billing] to see details of your current plan and modules. 

  • There are Plans and Modules under the "Paid Subscription". Please first check if your store is using the e-Commerce or Social Commerce plan. If so, please skip to Step 2. 

    If you are using the Basic, Advanced, Premium, O2O, or Enterprise plan (as shown below). Please confirm whether your store is using O2O or Enterprise plan.
    After confirming you have the correct plan, in the left-hand menu in SHOPLINE Admin go to [Apps] > [App Store] and search for and install Line Integration. 


Step 2

Go to LINE Official Account Manager. Create a LINE Business ID by logging in with either personal or business credentials with administrator privileges. If you are using a LINE@ account, you must use the LINE Official Account Manager to upgrade for successful connection. 

*Note: It is not possible to restore once you convert a LINE@ account into a LINE Business ID. After converting the account, you will only be able to access it using the LINE Official Account Manager desktop and mobile applications. 

Step 3

After logging into LINE Official Account Manager, go to the Settings menu at the top right. Click on Messaging API from the menu on the left, then click Enable Messaging API


Select New provider and enter your company's name in the field. Click Agree then Confirm to enable the Messaging API.



Step 4

After enabling Messaging API, go to the LINE Developers page. Click on your profile in the top right. From the menu on the left-hand side, go to Providers and select the provider you just created from the list. Here you will find the Messaging API you have just enabled.




Step 5

Enter the page for the Messaging API. You will find your Channel ID and Channel secret under the "Basic settings" tab. Make sure the Channel ID and Channel secret are the same as those for your LINE Official Official Account Manager (see below).  Your app icon, name, description, category, and email will be shown in the LINE Official Account Manager settings. 




Step 6

Back to the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [LINE]. On the settings page, go to "Connect with LINE" then click Connect.



Step 7

i. Copy the Webhook URL.webhook_URL_EN.png


ii. Then paste it into the corresponding field in the "Messaging API" tab on the LINE Developers page. Scroll down to "Webhook URL" and paste the URL. Please remember to add the "https://" prefix. Click Update to save the changes.7.png8.png


iii. After updating the Webhook URL, please switch on the "Use webhook" toggle.



iv. A "Verify" prompt button will appear. Click Verify, and a "Success" pop-up window will appear to indicate the successful setup.__LINE-19.png__LINE-20.png


v. Go to your LINE Official Account Manager page and enter the same webhook URL copied from SHOPLINE Admin. Add the prefix "https://" and click Save.Screen_Shot_2022-03-16_at_12.52.40_PM.png


Step 8

Go to the Messaging API's "Basic settings" tab on your LINE Developers account page. 

i. Copy the Channel ID and Channel Secret from the "Basic settings" tab in LINE Developers. 5.png__LINE-9.png


ii. Paste them into the corresponding fields in SHOPLINE Admin.line_integration_admin.png


iii. Under the "Messaging API" tab in LINE Developers, go to "Channel access token (long-lived)" and click Issue. You will see the "Channel Access Token".  2.png3.png


iv. Copy and paste the token information into the "Channel Access Token" field in the SHOPLINE Admin ([Channel Integration] > [LINE] > [Connect with LINE]).paste_token_EN.png 

After setting up the information for Messaging API Channel, please set up the information for LINE Login Channel. 


Step 9

Creating a LINE Login Channel will allow your customers to subscribe to your LINE@ during member registration.

Go to the LINE Developer page, click Create a new channel then select LINE login or Messaging API.


- If you have already set up LINE Login & Set Up in SHOPLINE Admin, please skip ahead to Step 11.
- If you have not set up LINE Login & Set Up, please create a LINE Login Channel under the same provider in the Messaging API Channel in LINE developer.
You can also ollow the instructions in article: LINE Login & Sign-up before moving on to Step 10.


Step 10

After confirming the settings, go to the information section on your LINE Login Channel page. Copy the Channel ID and Channel secret from the "Basic Settings" page and paste them into the corresponding Channel ID (LINE login) and Channel secret (LINE ID) fields in the SHOPLINE Admin.  





Step 11

Next, get the Callback URL. Copy the Callback URL in SHOPLINE Admin, then go to the LINE Login Channel page. Under the "LINE Login" tab, switch on the "Web app" toggle. Click the Edit under "Callback URL" and paste the URL. Click Update to save the changes.



*If this step is not set up correctly, users will see a "400" error message when trying to log in or register using LINE. 


Step 12

To get your LINE@ ID, go to the LINE Login Channel page. Under the "Basic settings" tab, scroll down to "Linked OA" then click Edit. Select your Message API Channel from the dropdown list then click Update


After updating, your LINE@ ID will now be shown. Your ID is the number and letters after the "@" sign and before the "/" sign. Copy your basic ID (i.e. "633nofwg" in the example above) and paste it into the corresponding field in the SHOPLINE Admin. mceclip4.png


Step 13

You're almost done! Click on the "Developing" status button on the right. In the pop-up window, click Publish. The status will now show "Published".





Step 14

Go back to SHOPLINE Admin. Click on Connect on the right-hand side. A message should now appear with "Connect with LINE success".




If the system shows a "LINE Message API connection error" notification after you click on connect, please check the "Channel Secret (LINE LOGIN)" in the Admin if it contains "*" symbols. If yes, please go back to Step 10 and follow the steps to insert the correct values.






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