Revert Credits & Points for Manually Cancelled Orders

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When you want to cancel an order for the customer, assuming store credits and/or member points has been applied, merchants are able to return credits & points to the customer


Step 1. Order Management > Orders 

When you update the order status to "Cancelled", a popup message will appear.


Step 2

If you would like to return credits and/or member points to the customer, select the one you wish to proceed with. Note: if the credits or points are expired, simply click on “Extend” to alter the time of expiry.


Step 3

Check the tick-box if you want to send your customer an update notification, then click ok.

Step 4

After you complete, the credit revert status will show in order details.


You can also filter orders by credit revert status in "order management".

Reverted:Order applied credit is reverted.
Not Reverted:Order is cancelled but applied credit is not reverted yet.



Step 5. Customer Management > Customer List > User

The order will be cancelled and the applied store credits will also be reverted. You can find the record in store credits history.



Please Note:

  • Revert Credits function is ONLY available when a single order is cancelled; NOT available when multiple orders are cancelled in bulk.
  • If you have turned ON "Auto cancel orders with expired payment status" setting, orders will be automatically cancelled but store credits will NOT be automatically reverted by system. Please filter "Not Reverted" orders to revert credit by yourself.
  • To revert credit for cancelled order, manually update the order status to "Cancelled" again, and complete the revert flow in the pop-up window. The revert credit status will update to "Reverted".
  • When an order has been cancelled and the applied store credits have been reverted, system will NOT automatically deduct store credits when you update the order status to pending/confirmed/completed again.
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