Auto Cancel Order and Auto Revert Credits and Points

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When the system updates an order's Payment status to “Expired”, merchants are able to choose whether to cancel the order automatically and revert the customer's store credits & points (only applies to the order that contains used store credits and/or member points)

To check on how to set up for auto-cancel orders, kindly refer to this article: Auto cancel orders with “expired” payment status 


Auto-cancel orders with 'Past-due orders' and auto revert credits & points

Go to Settings > Order Settings > Turn on 'Auto cancel orders with expired payment status' > Choose “Auto cancel order and revert credit & points with original expiry date” and click Update



  1. Once the feature is switched on, the system will revert the used credits & points of the order automatically under the condition that both the store credits and points in the order have not expired.

  2. If the order contains some expired credits, then the entire amount of the used credits will NOT be reverted automatically. Likewise, if the order contains some points that have expired, all of the points will NOT be automatically reverted and the order status will remain as “Non-reverted”



    1/1 23:59 Order using the store credits $100 and points discount 100 points, where the credits contain $50 (1/1 expires) + $50 (never expires), 100 points expires on 2022/1/1.


    1/3 08:00 Since the payment time has expired, the system automatically cancels the order and reimburse the credits and points; since the $50 shopping money has expired, the system will NOT revert the rest of the credits $50 but only revert  the valid points.

  3.  The above settings are applicable for [payment status] = [Expired] only. For [payment status] = [Failed], kindly refer to next paragraph.

Auto-cancel orders with 'failed payment' and auto revert valid credits & points

  1. The system will revert the store credits & member points used in the order automatically under the condition that both the credits and points of the order have not expired. Once the payment status had updated to “Failed”, the “Credit Revert Status” & “Points Revert Status” will show “Reverted” in order page:

  2. If some of the credits and/or points have expired after order cancellation, the system will only reimburse the valid credits and/or points. Then the “Credit Revert Status” and/or “Points Revert Status” will show “Reverted”.
Order A had applied 50 store credits (Will be expired on 15 Sep) + 50 store credits (Never expire).
If the system canceled the order on 16 Sep due to payment failure, according to the description above, the system will only return 50 store credits (the one that never expires) back to the the customer's account.

How to check the revert status of the store credits

You may go to your admin panel : Order management > Orders > Search order number > Click the order number to enter order page > Check [Credit Revert Status] and [Point Revert Status] in [Order details]:


You may also filter the orders based on the Credit Revert Status in your admin panel > Order management > Orders > Click [Additional Filters] > Select Credit Revert Status or Points Revert Status:




Revert History

If store credits are reverted successfully, the system will record the changes in customer's account. You may check the history in your admin panel > Customer Management > Customer > Search customer > Enter customer page > Check the history in Store Credits and Member Points:





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