Customer Group Analytics


SHOPLINE would like to introduce to you the Customer Group feature. With this feature, you can execute market segmentation using various filters and export reports of certain customer groups, which help you formulate the best marketing strategies and promotional campaigns.

In this article, you will find out more about the data analysis of created customer groups.


Please first confirm you have successfully created customer groups, if not, please refer to the following articles: 

1. Customer group analytics

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Customer Management] > [Customer Group] and click the View List button.



Click the View button on the right of the list. If the customer group has already updated several lists, you can select the list in which you would like to view data analytics for. 



A. Customer group information

On the upper part of the page is the information about this customer group when it was created. Click Show More to see full details, which include:


  • Count: Total number of people in this customer group.
  • Created Time: When this customer group was created.
  • Filters: The filters which this customer group is based on.



B. Customer group data

The lower part of the page shows related data of this customer group.


  • Customer group data is updated hourly.
  • The system collects and shows the customer group data in the recent 30 days, and compares it with the data from 60 days ago to 30 days ago. (The figure in red/green indicates the rise and drop trend.)



1. Total Shoppers

The total number of unique customers who have placed valid orders.

2. Total Sales

Total sales amount placed by this customer group, excluding return orders from the retail store and cancelled orders from all channels.

3. Total Orders

Total orders placed by this customer group, excluding return orders from the retail store and cancelled orders from all channels.

4. Conversion

The Rate of customers who purchase products in this customer group (Total number of customers who have purchased products/ Total number of customers in this customer group).


  • The definition of valid order: Order successfully created by customers excluding return orders in the retail store and orders that are marked "Cancelled" in the order status.
  • If an order is cancelled/edited/split after placement, the changed amount and product number will be listed on the date the order was created.
    For example, Customer A placed an order of $100 on 30 April and cancelled it on 5 May. On 6 May, when the merchant checks the data of Total Shoppers, Total Sales and Total Orders of 30 April, there won't be the order of $100 which has been cancelled by Customer A.



Click on Total Shoppers, Total Sales, Total Orders respectively to see the daily figure and the overall trend.


  • The deep blue line indicates the statistics in the recent 30 days.
  • THe light blue line indicates the statistics from 60 days ago to 30 days ago.



Click Conversion to see the conversion rate displayed in a pie chart.




  • The valid period of a customer group is 180 days. Its data will not be updated after 180 days.
  • The show page will not immediately show data on the customer groups you just created. You can see it after the hourly update.


C. Activity Record

Activity Record shows information about a campaign (i.e. add credits/points or send a broadcast message) for this customer group, including the campaign type, campaign name, and sent time.



Click View next to the broadcast message to check the statistics including the total sent and received.





  • The Created Time in Activity Record is the time when the message is created, not necessarily when the broadcast is being sent. 
  • If you create a message with Preset Time, you can still click the View button on Activity Record to check the details. However, there won't be the sent time on the page.
  • After you create a message with Preset Time, editing the target customer group or deleting this message won't change its Activity Record.
  • After you create a message with Preset Time, if you delete the target customer group but do not delete the broadcast message, the system will still send the message to the deleted customer group on Preset Time. 


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