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Live stream + Shopping should be done this way! Through using the SHOPLINE Live tool, you can create your unique personalized livestream (weblink format), or connect to Facebook Live. This will increase your interaction with fans and expand product exposure. SHOPLINE Live provides a full livestream shopping experience, your fans can shop as they watch and keep the orders rolling in! 


1. Prepare and create a livestream

Step 1. Create a livestream

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live].

Click the Create live stream button to create a livestream.


Click Live Stream from SHOPLINE.



Step 2. Set up a livestream

Fill in the livestream details:

  • Stream name (Required): You can fill in this livestream event's name, this name will be shown to customers.
  • Streamer: This field is for recording purposes, you can decide whether to fill it in or not.
  • Description: You can describe and introduce what this livestream is about, this will be visible to customers.



Merchants can set the lock inventory period to hold the inventory for customers. 


*To learn more about lock inventory settings, please click here.


You can sync your livestream to other channels by connecting with your Facebook Page and the livestream will also be seen on your selected Facebook Pages. 

  1. For more information about connecting with the Facebook Page, please refer to the FAQ Connecting to Facebook Pages|Channel Integration.
  2. Please read this FAQ on Facebook Help Center to learn how to connect with 2 or more Pages.6.jpg

Click Create to complete. 



Once you enter the backstage, you can add products that you wish to sell on the left section. This product list will be displayed to customers during livestream for them to add to the cart and buy.

*Note: When a customer is watching live, they cannot view products with the following statuses:

  • Unpublished products
  • Product and variant do not have any stock (Inventory = 0)

Click Add live product to add the product to the livestream.


  • "Create Product": Add your custom products to the livestream. Fill in the required fields like product name, price, quantity; and optional fields like product SKU and keyword for ordering.


  • "Select Product": Select products for the livestream. 



You can add up to 500 main products to the livestream backstage. All products in the store will appear in the "Select Product" window. 

* Note:

  • Products that are out of stock will also appear in the window and can also be added to the livestream. 
  • Products that are unpublished or with hidden prices will also appear in the window, but cannot be added to the livestream. 
  • Products will be arranged in the chronological order, from the latest added to the earliest added. Products that are added the earliest will be at the bottom of the list. 


Products added to the livestream:

You can expand to view the list of all variations of the product. You can also view the current inventory (next to the ___2021-08-12___6.53.40.pngicon) and the amount of inventory reserved for the lock inventory feature. You can click the three-dot button on the right to remove the product from the livestream. 



When you have finished the above steps, you will have now successfully set up your livestream and the status of the livestream will appear as "preparing".

Click ___2020-04-21_124724.png  on the right to copy the livestream link and share it with different marketing channels.



If you want to edit or delete livestream-related settings, click on the livestream page and click the gear icon to open the livestream info pop-up window.

  • You can edit the corresponding fields directly. Click Update to save the changes.
  • Click Delete livestream at the bottom left to delete this livestream.



To delete an ended livestream, go to the Admin > [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live]. On the right side of the livestream you want to delete, click the drop-down Enter menu and select Delete Livestream

*Once deleted, the livestream cannot be restored, and the link shared previously will be invalid.



New livestream settings and custom message interface

You can complete livestream related setup and custom messages on the same page. Please refer to this article for more information. 



If you wish to delete a finished livestream, proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live], on the right of the livestream of you would like to delete, click the drop-down menu and select "Delete Livestream" to delete.

*Note: Once deleted, it cannot be recovered, and the previously shared link will also be unavailable 



2. How to start a livestream

Step 1. Download the app

Installation instructions:

To use SHOPLINE LIVE for live streaming, you are required to download SHOPLINE Live APP. We support both iOS and Android devices. After you create a live stream, please click "download APP". or scan the QR Code to install the app or scan QR Code to install the app.

* To assure live stream quality, we currently only provide the mobile app method for live streaming. 



Step 2. Open the app, and prepare to start a livestream

Please type in your shop email and password to log in. All shop admins can log in and start a livestream.

* App does not support registration or the forget password function. If you forgot and need to reset your password, please open the SHOPLINE admin page to proceed with this action.

* Shop email = Email you used to register a store on SHOPLINE.



Step 3. Start livestreaming

Login to your app and you will see the list of livestreams that are in the "preparing" status. Choose the livestream that you wish to start livestream with, check and confirm the list of products to be sold in the livestream and then you can click Next to proceed to start a livestream.

  • When you use livestream for the first time, please agree to give permission access for the app to use the camera and sound.
  • Please check that your wifi or data is properly connected and stable before you go on a livestream.
  • If you wish to add a marquee effect to your stream, please refer to this FAQ. 

17.png18.png 19.PNG


During livestream, streamer and helpers can do the following actions in SHOPLINE livestream backstage:

  • Add or remove products
  • Click the promoter icon
  • Reply to comments in the livestream
  • View current live video
  • View current livestream performance



Step 4. End the livestream

After you tap X on the top left corner of your app, a pop-up will ask you to confirm whether you want to end the livestream. Once you confirm, you will end the livestream and close the live stream. 

After the livestream has ended, the system will provide you with the performance results. The live stream status in SHOPLINE Live admin will also show as "Finished".

*Note: Performance stats will continue to run after ending the livestream so it does not represent the final result. If there are orders placed after livestream has ended, it will still count towards the performance stats and full performance details can be viewed in the SHOPLINE Admin. 

photo_2020-05-04_16-11-38.jpg    photo_2020-05-04_16-11-57.jpg  photo_2020-05-04_16-10-40.jpg


3. App interface and function introduction

Merchant page features overview

Performance stats in the top left corner

  • Views: The accumulated number of viewers entering and watching the livestream, which includes those who refresh their browser and re-enter the livestream.
  • Created Carts: The number of times customers add products to the cart to proceed to checkout.
  • Live Sales: The sales that viewers have proceeded to the checkout and placed order (Including orders that are not yet paid). 



Icons at the bottom

1. ___2021-05-20___12.02.16.pngSwitch front or rear camera 

Click to switch to use the front or rear camera for livestreaming.

2.___2021-05-20___12.02.09.png Toolbox

___2021-08-13___10.26.03.png Marquee effect: Announce important information at the top of the live to remind customers.

___2021-08-13___10.25.57.png Beauty filter: Touch up your appearance for better looking

___2020-04-21_124724.png Copy livestream link: Click to copy livestream link and easily share with your fans and customers.

3. ___2020-04-21_124818.png Comments

Add comments

Click the speech bubble icon in the bottom left corner to open the commenting field, you can then reply to viewers and join discussions.

When a merchant comments, the shop name will appear beside the comment. When the viewer comments, their registered name in the livestream will appear beside the comment.

View comments

In the viewer browser or on the merchant's app, when you scroll the bottom left comments section, you can see all the past comment history.

If the merchant scrolls from bottom to top, it will show all the comments in this livestream.

Click the hovering thumbnail to return to the main screen.


photo_2020-05-04_16-10-42.jpg    photo_2020-05-04_16-10-38.jpg  

4. Product icon & Promotion speaker function

Click the right-bottom product icon to browse the product list.

___2020-04-21_125215.png Promotion speaker function: 

This is used to help highlight and promote a particular product during live.

During live, when you need to highlight a certain product, click the product icon on the right bottom corner. Then click the "speaker" icon on the right of the product. The product information will be shown in the comments section and highlighted with a background color. The product icon at the bottom right corner will also switch to this product's image and show as "Recommended product". 


photo_2020-05-04_16-33-43.jpg  photo_2020-05-04_16-33-40.jpg photo_2020-05-04_16-33-41.jpg


Viewer page features overview

Merchants can send the livestream link via different social media channels. When the customer receives the link, if the livestream has started, they can click on the link and view livestream directly.

However, if the customer opens the link before the live (preparing) has even started, they will see the following:



A. Viewer comments

If the customer wishes to comment and interact with the merchant, they must complete SHOPLINE LIVE registration and login. Once they log in, they will be able to comment freely during livestream.

Currently SHOPLINE LIVE supports email registration.

*Note: SHOPLINE LIVE account is only for livestreaming, which is a separate login from the store. If a customer wishes to use the shop's membership promotion(s), please remind the customer to complete registration at the shop (or login directly).



Customer shopping and checkout

During the livestream, the customer can click the product image icon in the bottom right corner, view the product list, and select to purchase. 

If the merchant has used the "promotion speaker" function, the customer can view the recommended product information at the bottom left. Click the product icon at the bottom right to view the recommended product and add it to the cart.

Every time the customer clicks the add to cart button, one item will be added to the cart.





  • If the lock inventory feature is not enabled, products added to cart quantity do not equal to final order quantity. The system will not reserve products too. The actual quantity will be reflected upon checkout and once paid.
  • When the livestream is ended, customers will be able to place orders via the livestream link.



4. How to view livestream performance

You can view the performance on the SHOPLINE LIVE page during or after the livestream.

*Note: The results are updated every 5 minutes.


Order report

Once you have opened SHOPLINE Live, you will find a new field called "Affiliate Platform" in your order report fields. Orders coming from the livestream will be recorded as "SHOPLINE LIVE".



Order details

Orders created from the livestream will be marked. You will see in the order details that the order source is labeled as "SHOPLINE Live".37.png






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